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Dec 20, 2009
I currently use Spotify, but I understand there isn't a Spotify Watch app. I listen to Spotify at home through Alexa.

I've wanted to buy an Apple Watch for running, so I can stream music without an iPhone. But I understand that the only way to stream music is with Apple Music.

Is there a solution that lets me stream music to my watch, and also to Alexa? I don't want to have to subscribe to two separate music streaming services just so I can listen on Alexa and the Watch.

I'd appreciate any advice.


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Aug 13, 2008
Seattle, WA
Alexa is crap. I really tried to use it at work and they killed Amazon Music. Now I just connect as bluetooth as a speaker for my phone.

To answer your question, there used to be 2 apps available for streaming for the Watch and Alexa. Believe they are Pandora and IHeart Radio. Unfortunately, Amazon and Apple are 2 proprietary systems and do not work well together.
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