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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Bob Jovi, May 12, 2008.

  1. Bob Jovi macrumors regular

    Jul 26, 2006

    This weekend I shot a music video with one camera. I had the performer miming to the track but I forgot to use a timecode reference or clapper.

    Now I'm having some difficulty matching up the vision and audio. Any help on any quick methods of doing this would be greatly appreciated.

    Also I filmed it on a Canon XM2 in 24p mode (i think that's what it records in), will I have problems syncing it with my music as the sample rate may differ?? 29.97?


  2. anim8or macrumors 65816


    Aug 16, 2006
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    29.97... is that the frame rate of the footage you shot on the camera??

    If so that is NTSC.... i notice you are from the UK so you should be shooting at 25fps PAL.

    The sound you have recorded will most likely be at 25 fps.... not that sound is measured in fps!
  3. xavpil macrumors newbie

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    here's a solution

    the only option i see is eye matching the video with the audio.
    Make sure you turn the scrubbing on (FCP = Shift S).. THis allows you to scrub though the video and hear the audio track. This is the only way to match audi and video.
    Here's what I'd do:
    First work with the video to find a specific point that will be easy to synch from: drum, vocal, clap. Then put a marker.
    Now open the audio track and work with the audio wave. and try to locate the point you've marked in the video. Add a marker in the audio track, and then align both markers (video and audio).
    Repeat this step every-time you stopped the camera.

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