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    Feb 7, 2013
    1: I cant find the solution to this... here or in google... I tried...
    2: Dont give me the audio / video distinction... Please..

    I upgraded my Ipod touch from a 3rd gen touch to the 5th gen... Low and behold you cannot have Video in play lists... THis is all I listen to/watch...
    The fix was to make all video into "Music video" under Get INFO /Options tab. SO now my Ipod plays IN Playlist's all my music videos....

    So I buy a new IPAD... and the playlists work, but do not show the video. Just the music plays as if they were "Just Audio"... How do I get the IPAD to work like an IPOD and play music video's from a playlist.

    SO - Close to 800 views and no responses... I guess its not possible...
    Thank you all for viewing... meant sincerely
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    Feb 7, 2013
    Im over the disapointment

    and moved on.... I bought the app - Video Player for 1.99....

    Seems to work as I would like , and ON the IPAD... Nice feature...

    Will update later after setting up a bunch of new playlists.

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