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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by einmusiker, Jan 20, 2011.

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    sorry if this has been discussed to death, I did a search but couldn't find any solid answers.

    As a musician and music teacher, simply put, there are a few things I need that run flash on a regular computer that I would absolutely love to see come to iOs.


    this is an online notation website that is just incredible and would be so cool to see on iPad. If you know of a similar site that has an iPhone app or anything about this kind of thing please post


    this is an online music tablature (alternative notation) site used by popular instruments such as guitar, bass guitar, drum kit etc, that uses flash in a format called guitar pro (I think?) I thought I read somewhere they were developing an iOs app but if you know of similar sites please post.

    3) finally,... Garageband
    Obviously would require some sort of usb interface or something but wouldn't it be cool?
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    Since your into music, here is sight that might interest you. I don't think it has the answer to your current questions, but you might find some other things useful.ProMusicApps

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