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    Some people may find it hard to figure out which apps to get for their iOS device. I have my favorite apps listed below that every iOS device should have. Check it out and let me know you favorite.

    GOOGLE (FREE) You can find Google through your mobile browser, but the app is a major time-saver. The voice search function is seamless. Ask it for specific Wikipedia entries, for instance, and it complies. Or just say "Starbucks" and the app uses the phone’s GPS to find the nearest location. A recent update put the "Goggles" service within the app, so you can snap a photo and let Google search for information on that object. And given Google’s emphasis on mobile, the app will continue to improve.

    SOUNDHOUND ($5) You’ve probably heard of Shazam, the app that identifies songs. SoundHound is faster, and it offers a broader range of ancillary features. You can hum a tune into the phone and it’ll find the song, look up lyrics and run YouTube videos of song performances. The $5 version lets you identify an unlimited number of songs. Users of the free version get five tags monthly.

    ($2) Scores of photography titles are in the App Store. Many are terrific, but not one matches Hipstamatic’s blend of simplicity, serendipity and art. At heart, the app is a filter that will unpredictably saturate, blur or discolor your images, among other things. The results are always surprising and often stunning. Add packs of lenses and film effects for $1 apiece.

    KEYNOTE ($10) Keynote, the powerful presentation application for Mac, has been completely redesigned for iPad. It makes creating a world-class presentation, complete with animated charts and transitions, as simple as touching and tapping. It has everything you need to create amazing presentations, including beautiful Apple-designed themes, custom graphic styles, and stunning animations and effects. Start quickly with a theme and add the slides you need with just a few taps, selecting any of eight slide masters. You can also open a Keynote ’09 or Microsoft PowerPoint file..

    ANGRY BIRDS ($1) A runaway favorite among the iPhone crowd, the app tests your ability to break down the barricades that protect green pigs. The weapon: flightless birds, launched by catapult. No wonder they’re angry. The game is easy to learn, yet challenging to play, with witty touches throughout. You can try a limited free version, but if you do, good luck resisting the paid version, with more than 800 possible scenes.

    STAR WALK ($3) Point your phone toward the heavens and this app identifies all you see — constellations, planets, individual stars — in brilliant clarity. If you pivot in another direction, the app follows. It’s an astonishing app that’s great to pull out during dinner parties, beach walks or sleepless nights in bed. You needn’t have a clear view of the sky to experience the starry night.

    QUICKOFFICE MOBILE SUITE ($5) The next time someone e-mails you a Word, Excel or Powerpoint document, Quickoffice will open it and allow you to make quick edits from your iPhone. (Otherwise, you can open, but not edit, Microsoft Office files.) You can also create documents with the app, but it is far less useful for that purpose. Rather, Quickoffice offers a way to complete small work tasks easily while you are on the move.

    GARAGEBAND ($5) GarageBand turns your iPad into a collection of Touch Instruments and a full-featured recording studio — so you can make music anywhere you go. Use Multi-Touch gestures to play pianos, organs, guitars, drums, and basses on your iPad. They sound and play like their counterparts, but let you do things you could never do on a real instrument. Enjoy a full range of Smart Instruments that make you sound like a pro — even if you’ve never played a note before. Plug an electric guitar into your iPad and play through classic amps and stompbox effects. Use the built-in microphone or a guitar to record, or capture any performance. Then mix up to eight tracks to create a song you can share..
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    I honestly don't consider a single app that you mentioned to be a "must have app."
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    Cool story bro!
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    Everyone's going to have their own must have apps, and sharing your own is helpful to others at times.

    EDIT: Threadstarter banned for simply advertising GrooveMaker. Nonetheless these threads are occasionally useful, and I occasionally find an app I find extremely useful or just enjoy in these kind of threads. Just a disclaimer, the app I promote most strongly here is not because I'm the developer (he's Korean), nor that I'm a friend of his, just that I hope the app gets enough of a user base to support further development.


    [app]SmartCalendar(Eng)[/app] (The English version) - Great easy to read month view calendar, the fastest copy and paste, quick load up, and fast cut and move. For an English teacher planning private lessons for the next month, this is a must have app. The calendar sets are great as well. I can see my son's and wife's schedule if I want, but keep them from cluttering up my calendar as well. Totally promoting this app cause it's not well known, it's cheap, and if it gets lots of users, then updates are more likely to come.

    My calendar

    The wife's.

    The son's

    All our calendars.

    [app]MomoNote[/app] - In a word, reliable syncing. I loved Awesome Note's interface, but logging into Evernote and Google Docs revealed duplicates and triplicates of many of my notes. That would be an inconvenience to find notes were I to need to resync all notes from a website back to my iPhone. MomoNote does well with it's tags, pic support, passcode lock, and nice interface. Missing features such as multiple pic support, audio notes, and fullscreen are all in the works.

    [app]Sportacular Pro[/app] - quickly check scores, standings, and get notifications on games important to me.

    [app]Todo[/app] - The only app with multiple task edit that also syncs to an online service. It's also easy to quickly choose a date with it's month calendar date picker.

    [app]Outliner[/app] - Great for brainstorming and keeping lists of movies, songs, etc that I want to get/rent/check out/etc. Syncs online as well.

    [app]Instapaper[/app] - Save articles I want to reference later or read articles that are too small to read on the iPhone screen or require too much scrolling and panning to read.

    [app]1Password Pro[/app] - If purchased with the desktop app, then saving and syncing new logins, info, credit card info, etc, is so simple via it's DropBox sync.

    Those are my essential apps minus apps that are necessary in Japan (such as Romaji Map apps and English-Japanese dictionaries) and games that I love. All apps (except Sportacular Pro) that just make keeping track of the essentials all easier, and make restoring that info easy were I to need to restore my iPhone to factory settings due to a crash (twice the bug was saved in my iTunes iPhone back up), or lose my iPhone, or upgrade my iPhone.
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    The only one on the list for me as a must have is Hipstamatic. I absolutely love the simplicity of the app to take stunning throwback photos. Reminds me of the old Polaroid days.

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