MWSF Tidbits: Modbook Pro, Matte Screens, Tune Blocker, Gorilla Pod


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Apr 12, 2001

We've collected a few items of interest from vendors here at Macworld San Francisco:

Axiotron, with advisor and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak on hand, announced the Modbook Pro, a new tablet Mac based on the MacBook Pro. Pre-orders are available starting at $4998 for a complete system, or $3049 for users providing their own MacBook Pro for conversion. Orders are expected to begin shipping in May or June of this year.

TechRestore is offering a Matte screen replacement option for unibody 15" MacBook Pro owners who just can't deal with the glossy screen, a common concern after Apple discontinued the offering of matte screens from some of their notebooks. Cost for this replacement service is $199.

Matias announced Tune Blocker, a USB-to-Dock connector for the iPhone and iPod touch containing a switch allowing the user to select whether to charge and sync their device with iTunes as usual or to charge the device without mounting and syncing it in iTunes. Designed to help prevent users from accidentally overwriting their iPod data when connecting to a computer other than the one normally used for syncing, the connector will begin shipping in March with a 3-foot cable ($24.95) or 6-foot cable ($29.95).

Joby was showing off their Gorilla Pod camera stands which allow you to securely mount your camera onto "anything". Prices range from $24.95 to $139.95 depending on the size.

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Dec 12, 2005
Eagle Mountain, UT
I'm very tempted to look into the screen option. The glare can be quite obnoxious sometimes. Especially since all I do on my MBP is development stuff.


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Jan 2, 2008
I didn't know The Woz had anything to do with the tablet. Why hasn't he gotten Apple to make one? He has no pull what's so ever?:confused:


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Jan 16, 2008
The difference between Pystar and these guys are they're taking an actual apple macbook, and converting it into a tablet.

Pystar is using their own hardware, (As far as I know).

So, apple isn't losing anything in sales here... so I'm sure they're not threatened by what these guys are making here....

EDIT: Oops! Looks like szark beat me to it!

Bubba Satori

Feb 15, 2008
No, because the EULA states that you can run OS X on Apple-branded hardware. The Modbook is Apple-branded hardware that has been modified to add functionality.

Since they buy fully manufactured MacBook Pros from Apple and modify them, Apple is getting more than $1K. :)
I'm sure they are, hence the bling price.


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Jan 5, 2006
Redondo Beach, California
That's what I was thinking. Maybe $1K of that $5K is going to Apple. Takes OSX tax to a new level. :D Bet Pystar is watching to see how this develops.
No a LOT more than $1K. What they do is modify a standard MBP. So they have to buy the MBP at retail price. That is why there is no problem with the EULA. Because it is a "real" Mac that has been seriously hacked.

Apple is perfectly happy if you remove the case from your computer and toss it in the recyle bin. That's what these folks have done.


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Jan 7, 2009
"The Axiotron Modbook Pro is an aftermarket modification of the MacBook Pro manufactured by Apple Inc. This modification of your MacBook Pro will void your existing Apple warranty. After modification, Apple or its authorized service providers will be under no obligation to repair your computer. Your Axiotron warranty will replace the previous warranty. Only Axiotron Authorized Service Providers are authorized to service and repair your Modbook Pro."

Bubba Satori

Feb 15, 2008
No a LOT more than $1K. What they do is modify a standard MBP. So they have to buy the MBP at retail price. That is why there is no problem with the EULA. Because it is just a "real" Mac that has been seriously hacked
And they, not Apple, provide the warranty ?

Well, it no longer is a "real" Mac, because Apple have declined to provide it's customers with a Mac tablet


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May 14, 2002
Are there any pics of the matte mod for the 15"?
That does appear to be a photo of the matte mod, but it's difficult to tell from that angle. The reflections on the right half of the screen are of the expo lighting (they aren't in the on-screen picture), and they disappear exactly where the arrow is displayed. So the displayed MacBook has a split screen, where the left half is matte and the right half is glossy.

EDIT: After looking at it again, I'm doubting my own analysis. Guess we should just ask for a better picture. ;)


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Sep 27, 2003
Reading this story I can hear a game show announcer's voice in the background ...

"Promotional consideration paid to MacRumors by Axiotron, makers of the new ModBook Pro ... and by TechRestore, Lose the Shine! And also ...." etc.

Front page, really?

Bubba Satori

Feb 15, 2008
The modbook looks interesting... but it has to be a niche market at that price? :confused:
1% percent market share of an already niche computer category. :rolleyes:

I'm shocked that an educator of Woz's reputation is associating himself with this gold crusted status symbol for yuppies and their spawn. :D


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Jul 1, 2007
USB Cable

Cute gimmic. I use my Richard Solo to provide the same functionality. Wouldn't be that hard to just take an old cable though and cut the data lines.


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Nov 6, 2006
Norfolk, UK
5k!! and here I was thinking the macbook pro 17" was a tad expensive :rolleyes:

And boy are they going to have some parts left over, the only thing being used is the internals so all the casing and original screen (I assume) is going to waste (unless its being recycled into new cases?). Just doesn't make economic sense to me atleast with the original it wasn't so bad as you still got to keep half the case :rolleyes:

I'm still trying to work out where exactly 3k's worth of parts come from, its only really a case and screen being fitted together, the rest is already there.

I might be a bit weird in thinking this too but couldn't they have done this with say maybe the new base model aluminium macbook (hell it could be done with the old one as its a new case), its unlikely the ports are going to be used so the loss of firewire isn't a big issue. I know theres no expressport for 3g etc but if the other modbook is anything to go by they could probably install one internally anyways.

I doubt the casing is covered by the eula and the screen would be no different to an external model.

I'll wait on the 'matte' screen option, I think apple will add this option shortly and gorilla pods are ages old :)
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