MWSF was beyond the rumor sites


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Dec 19, 2001
What rumor sites have you all been reading that MWSF didn't live up to the hype? I frequent several and for the most part, people were talking about iWalk and G5's. Check out the facts.

Just because someone on a rumor site posts 1.4 GHz G5's will be at MWSF doesn't mean Apple has to give us 1.5 GHz G5's to be 'beyond the rumors'. I wouldn't want Apple to live up to all the rumors - they would waste too much money on horrible ideas which would make the products cost even more than they already do.

MWSF was beyond the rumor sites:
* no mention of swivle arm screen
* no mention of SuperDrive
* no mention of LCD only iMac line
* no mention of G4 only iMac line
* no mention of 1 GB RAM support

* no details of this product (other than free)
* mostly rumored as PhotoShop Lite (way off base)
* no mention of universal print interface
* no mention of Homepage publishing
* no mention of ordering prints (only photo album)
* no mention of 'film roll' archiving
* no mention of browsing photos at any size

* no mention of 14.1" display option
* no mention of 5/6 hour battery
* no mention of slim sub 5"/6" design
* no mention of a sub-$1200 price point

* no mention of such a funny mathematician


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Feb 24, 2001
It's NOT exactly LCD only, there are CRT models for 799 and 999.

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Jan 6, 2002
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In the lead up to the keynote, I grabbed all of the predictions that sounded plausible. I just went thru them to have a look...

Let me tell you this: the people who know what's going on don't say "there will be a new iMac running at 800 MHz." They say things like "Sure the LCD iMac will look great, but it's the processor rumors that are going to leave everyone disappointed." (And a lot of other non-specific, but spot on, comments.)

Anyway, amichalo, after review of the predictions, here's my response to your post:
* Apart form a mention of "ice and metal" styled iMacs, there was no prediction of a swivel arm.
* Super drive was predicted.
* LCD only iMac line was predicted, but it's not... you can still buy the old CRT iMacs.
* G4 only iMacs were predicted, but anyone who said that was flamed pretty quickly.
* There was no mention of 1 GB RAM support, but that's not the kind of thing people speculate a lot about...

* You're right, no one knew anything other than its price.

* There were several people predicting 14.1" LCDs, but no one believed them!
* There were no predictions of extended battery life.
* A slim 5"/6" design? Huh???
* I didn't read any price predictions...

* Don't knock it! My dad used to teach mats and physics, and he's the funniest guy you'll (probably not) ever meet! :D
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