My 13" MBP fell ...


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Aug 15, 2005

I have a 13" MBP. My sister forgot to use the inside fastener of my crumpler sleeve. Because of this, when i unzipped the sleeve, it slid out and fell onto a carpeted floor! The computer dropped a maximum of one yard, about one meter. The computer is working now, but I have fears something may have been damaged or that the drop could lead to a failure! In the past, I had an ibook G4. I always carried it in a backpack without any cushioning. I always treated it super gently when I had to lay it on the ground. However, one day the hard drive failed. The failure was attributed to the countless of times that I laid the backpack on the ground. Apparently, those little and soft "hits" to the computer, damaged it. Had I foreseen any failure I could have saved the hard drive of my ibook G4.

Any advice is in advance very much appreciated.

Kind regards,

igmolinav : ) !!!


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Jan 20, 2010
It's like dropping a baby. It'll seem fine but get demented as time progresses.
Wow... really?!

OP, don't worry about it. It sounds like it was in sleep mode when it fell, so the heads were parked. No big deal, though don't make a habit of it. I broke my ODD once dropping my MB onto a hardwood floor, but it was immediately apparent (the drive started making weird noises) and the HDD was unaffected.


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Oct 31, 2010
Hamilton, Ontario
i heard mbp espessially 13" mbp take 72 hours to show effects of drops...ok im BSing but you should always backup your hard drive not just for failures do to multiple drops and dings but because they also fail with no reason


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May 30, 2012
Drop everyday

I literally have dropped my macbook pro dozens of times. I have never had this issue with any laptop before my 2011 mbp, but ... well ... it happens... I can not believe how durable this thing is...
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