My 16 gb ipod touch 2g review.

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by amycishere, Jan 6, 2009.

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    I bought an ipod touch 2g about two weeks after they came out but I was having problem after problem with it even after restoring and everything. I was very frustrated and was almost thinking, why did I buy this?

    Well, I finally had to the chance to take to my nearest apple store last week (because I was in the middle of my final college internship and the narest apple store was 1 hour each way). I wrote down all my problems and things that I tried and they determined that I had a defective model.

    So after playing with my new one for about a week, let me just say how I was that I purchased this! I am physically disabled and the touch screen is very easy for me to operate. It as if Apple made this product for me! LOL.

    It is so convenient to be able to have all of your media one place. I also enjoy playing games so that was another main reason why I purchased the ipod touch. It would of not of been worth it for me to purchase JUST a portable gaming system however because I wanted something that my music, videos games and everything in one so to speak. Music is something that is a huge part of my life so I’ve wanted an ipod for quite a while.

    So far I am quite happy with the battery life and plan to test the music part hopefully very soon. I’d be interested to know how long will truly go. The speakers I feel come in handy while I am playing games as I am not a huge fan of the ear buds quite yet. I may need to get coverings for them. Didn’t the older ipod models come with the earbud coverings? I have the Sony docking system that both charges and plays the ipod. Not too impressed with the radio but hopefully once we get WiFi hooked up again, I can use some of those options for a radio.

    Really impressed with some of the Apps! Learning Super Monkey Ball at the moment, Monopoly, like Crash, and Flick Bowling is fun. Alot of the new gaming systems like Wii require alot of movement which I do not have so this was another reson for my ipod touch purchase.

    I also find the ipod quite durable. I have a blue contour flick case on it as well as a screen protecter and a velvet bag I put it in. Well, a few days ago I did not realize it but my 80 pound half laid on the bag for about 5-10 seconds and I quickly pulled it out from underneath her. The contour flick case has a tiny bit more of a opening on one side more than the other and by tiny I mean you can only notice it if you can right on top of it but the ipod itself has no damage at all. No cracks, no dents or anything. Works perfectly. And let me tell you I was freaking out because I know if there is any damage at all it voids the warranty. I’m probably going to check out over once more just to be sure. Luckily though, it was such a short time it was underneath her, probably not enough time to apply much pressure.

    I am also very glad that I purchased the 16gb model. That $100 more was a significant amount to me especially now since it is not the best times. I wanted my ipod to hopefully last me a long time and I new that I was going to be purchasing quite a few apps and I didn’t want to have to keep running out of space and have to keep deleting this. Plus, I figured if I could afford it would be best not to purchase the mim. amount so when they come out with a new model in Sept I won’t feel the need to upgrade as I won’t be able to buy a new model and wouldn’t want to do that anyway. I want mine to last awhile hopefully.

    I at one point thought I said wait until they come out with one with a camera but in reality the quality isn’t going to be the best anyway and I might be purchasing a flip video down the road.
    Anyway, that is my review!
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    Jan 6, 2009
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    Thanks, it was a college graduation present!
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    Glad it worked out and your replacement works good for you, as I recall your previous posts and problems. Enjoy!
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    Please don't quote the entire first post, snip it, or don't quote it at all. There's no need and it wastes space.

    To the OP, congratulations. The iPod touch is a really great device, and as you use it more and more for more things (more like a PDA, so to speak) you begin to realise how much it really does. Hope it lasts you a long time :)
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    Thanks so much!!!

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