my 27" uber imac came early, first impressions

Discussion in 'iMac' started by mojothemonkey, Dec 19, 2012.

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    Mine was originally scheduled for December 27 - Jan 4. It came last night!

    Core i7 3.4
    Fusion 1TB
    680MX 2GB

    I immediately bootcamped off a partition, installed Win7 x64, then steam, updated the OS, then updated my Nvidia drivers.

    Skyrim (in windows) at 2560x1440 at ULTRA settings with 4xAA and 8xAF ran buttery smooth with no choppiness or frame drops. I'm in heaven. The 680MX is, in fact, the beast I hoped it would be. It's a legitimate gaming machine.

    The only downside is that windows side performance on the windows side of the fusion drive is just ho-hum normal. This was to be expected without use of the "fusion" (SSD) portion of the drive, but I hoped for better than just what you expect from any old hard drive of the last 10 years.

    I suppose my ultimate solution will be offloading large gaming files onto an SSD via thunderbolt, once those prices on TB peripherals come down a tad. Despite my experience with the lackluster HDD performance, I still don't think the pure SSD price quoted BTO through apple is any kind of sane decision and I'd never go back and spend it.

    Also, my wife couldnt believe the sound coming out of this thing. The reviews are right in that it's ALMOST good enough to make you forego attaching any other speakers to it. (all it's missing is real bass; the mids and highs are loud and clear - shockingly so). It also manages to sound as though its coming from the screen itself, not from below or behind. Impressive.

    Regarding the screen itself... well - it's great. It's what I expected. But the reviews of other machines before I got mine, like the Engadget review, had me drooling in anticipation of this monitor that blows all other monitors away. Perhaps I expected something closer to a big AMOLED screen, which this is not. So dont get your hopes up. It's actually just very good, but I didn't see Jesus coming through the pixels just because they were laminated to the glass.

    Anti-glare was reasonably noticeably vs traditional glass, non-matte monitors. The glare isn't gone, but significantly reduced.

    Last but not least: Noise. I heard virtually no noise at any point of my use on the OSX or Win7 side of things. At one point I did an optimization defragment and I could barely hear the hard drive, but otherwise still no discernible fan noise.

    By the time I got around to testing out the games, my wife was asleep not far away, so I had to keep the volume on the very lowest click. Even still, I couldnt hear the fan. Granted, I didn't put my ear to the machine, but knowing what I know about the power going into the 680MX while running those pixels, I would have expected a distinct noise. Granted, I only played for about 20 min on 2 different games, so the fans may kick on later, but in my experience it usually doesn't take more than 5-10 minutes.

    In the same vein, I found it odd that I couldn't really detect the heat-blowoff air flow when I left the game running and ran my hands around all of the edges and the back of the machine. It's either very efficient and sneaky, or all of these lowered nm process chips are finally paying off.

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