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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by aidricksdad, Jun 29, 2009.

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    Dec 29, 2008
    Round Rock
    Come one, come all!!!! See the brand new iPhone 3gs!!!

    Ok people, I am just a normal guy (at least I think that I am normal, my wife says otherwise) who upgrade from a 3g to a 3gs. I first have to say that I love it and even in owning a 3g I never thought of myself as an iPhone fanboy, disregarding the fact that it is atached to my hip but that is more that it is a phone and not just because of the "i" aspect of it. Anyways, if this review sounds more like a comparison to the 3g then an actual review,then i am sorry.
    Who am I? A gadget junkie and mac/windows user with a wife and two small kids, so i use my iPhone a lot instead of sitting in front of my computer as much as i can. I think that some of us junkies would agree that being with your family is far more enjoyable than tinkering, that is why I am writing this at my day job. Here ya go.

    Voice Control.
    Works great IF you set up your contacts correctly. You have to have work,home etc. all set up right and its best if you say the full name. If you have two iPhones syncing to one computer (like a lot of do if you upraded your 3g) then you can make groups to sync the right contacts to the right phones. Music is hit or miss depending on the name of your artist, it simply doesnt understand some names (but some of the bands i listen to are strange anyway), besides i like to be able to see and interact with my ipod because of the large amount of song that i dont put on, so i cant remeber if what i asked it to play is even on my iPhone.

    Much faster on everything, and i mean everything. Apps open faster, Safari browses faster, and I dont have to wait two seconds to start typing a note. I did notice a slight studder when i close an app, but that could just be an annimation issue, maybe Apple skipped a frame or two.

    I have noticed a few people complaining about the battery life and I say take your iPhone back. The one i have is noticably better. I was browsing extensivley this past sunday and it was just rockin and rollin. I know my 3g would have yelled at me about the %20 thing, but my 3gs just layed back and let me go to town. I havent watched a lot of videos on it yet but have been shooting video and browsing a lot. Either way it is a much better experience that the 3g and possibly my favorite addition.

    Video and Camera
    I love it because of my kids. I will use this all the time. I uploaded a video to youtube and it was a bit disappointing, but syncing them with iPhoto makes for a great little camorder. The camera and autofocus are nice but for what i use the camera for, it doesnt seem like that much better than the 3g. Before you all yell at me about it, I did not like to use it on people because people move, and the 3gs is still not good when people are moving. I can take pics of stuff that doesnt move and those turn out great, but still have to keep my trusty Cannon close by.

    Well I live in a fairly large metro area, Austin,Texas, but I have lived here forever so i dont really ever have a use for it. I do however use maps to search for stuff nearby, but i dont ever need driving or walking directions. Sorry.

    Thats It
    It is a great toy/information/time waster/ and I love it. A nice step up and i feel sorry for you if you have a 3g because this is what an iPhone should be. Its fast,sexy, and well layed out for almost (ask my wife what she thinks of the 3g I just gave her) anyone to pick up and use, while still pleasing us junkies. Cant wait till the next one.

    Sorry if I missed a few things, I AM at work.
  2. AppleFan360 macrumors 68020

    Jan 26, 2008
    Thanks for the review. I am definitely looking forward to getting my 3GS. Have to wait until December. :(
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    Jun 19, 2009
  4. Arkanok macrumors 6502a


    Feb 13, 2007
    Seems like you've got a lot of free time at work haha. Maybe I should call your boss and tell him that they're paying you to write iPhone reviews!

  5. fireshot91 macrumors 601


    Jul 31, 2008
    Northern VA
    Did anybody, like me, just hold home and say "Call" without saying the name of a contact?

    For me, it called "UPS Store".
  6. aidricksdad thread starter macrumors regular


    Dec 29, 2008
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    I spend a lot of time on intergalactic HOLD while at work, thats when i wrote it.
  7. terp26 macrumors newbie

    Jul 12, 2007
    I upgraded from a brief review:

    Voice Control - I am sorry but it is horrible. Has any technology gotten this right? I ask to play some songs it calls a random person on my list. I mean seriously. Plus you have to press and hold the button for a few seconds for the voice control to would be quicker just to type whatever you need in spotlight and know exactly what you are getting.

    Compass - Also is sometimes accurate, but not enough times for me to trust it.

    Speed - Well this is the gamechanger here. This phone is super fast. Loading apps such as google earth is over 3 times faster. The web-speed is amazing (I am coming from an edge phone). But that difference alone is enough for any 2g users to make the upgrade. It is night and day. No lag on the phone , a lot "snappier" :) An enjoyable experience.

    Video - another great feature - I have used the video a few times already and what can I say.....a great video camera for a phone. Low light conditions are tougher but still operable.

    Camera - This is a huge difference. Whenever I tried to take pictures of objects close up, or text, all I used to get was blur. Now I get crisp images. Very useful if you want to take snapshots of text.

    Speakervolume - loud. This was a gripe for me on my old 2g but not anymore. Speakerphone is loud enough so that I can jam to my ipod without headphones

    I definitely recommend this phone from a 2g update. Not owning a 3G it would be hard for me to say, but I would have probably waited until next year.

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