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    I've had some issues with the new iPad's retina display. I was fortunate to receive my first one on March 16th while I was out of town in Ohio, but quickly noticed a dead pixel. I brought it back to an Apple Store near Cincinnati and received a replacement. While in the store, I found that the replacement iPad also had a dead pixel. The Apple Store salesperson was surprised with the discovery, but did give me another new iPad. The salesperson did mention, however, that he checked the iPad guidelines and that evidently one dead pixel is not enough to warrant an exchange. If there is discoloration, bright pixels or more than one dead pixel an exchange is in order. I quickly checked over my third iPad and thought I noticed anotherdead pixel, but could tell the salesperson wouldn't be able to do anything more and said that if it really bothered me I could return it to an Apple Store back home. Once home, I not only noticed another dead pixel in a different area of the screen, but also a yellowish-hue in the bottom left-hand corner. I read a lot of books on my iPad, so the discoloration was very obvious to me when nearing the end of every page. I brought my third iPad back to an Apple Store outside Chicago and received a replacement. I spent a good 5 minutes combing over the new iPad in the store and couldn't find anything wrong and happily returned home. However, within a few minutes I noticed another dead pixel, and this time it was much more prominent than the others and is very easy to see.

    I have an appointment with the Genius Bar for later today and can only hope that this, the 5th iPad of mine, is defect-free. I've heard others are having this same issue and that there must be something wrong with this initial batch of iPads. Maybe it's what I get for wanting one of the first ones available, but I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a fully-functioning screen...especially when the retina display is one of the new iPad's major highlights. To be blunt, I've gone through $2,000 worth of iPads. This is strange, no?

    I'm sure most people are able to get over these simple imperfections, but is it wrong of me to be dissatisfied? Every Apple salesperson has been very understanding and helpful, but I've begun to fear that no matter how many iPads I get, they will all have problems. Is there anyone out there that hasn't noticed something? Are there others out there that have experienced the same issue like me?

    Thanks -
    Chris, Chicago
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    Hi Chris,

    There are a LOT of people who have gone through many iPads just like you. Some people will give them (and you) grief and call you Obsessive-Compulsive. To be honest, had I found a dead pixel on my wifes iPad I would have returned it. I spent 6 months worth of bonus money on her birthday gift and it was hard-earned money. I want her to have a near-perfect device for the price I paid (and the hastle of trying to get one for her ON her b-day). Reading all of the headlines regarding Apple's Everest-sized pile of cash doesn't really make me feel too bad for the company... (i.e. they can afford it). Not to mention their "refurbish" or "remanufacture" process that is in-place allows for the "recycling" (if you will) of these returned iPads.

    One other thing to note -- Don't be fooled by the employees at Apple. Not that they're "out to get you" or anything... You don't need ANY reason to return your new iPad within the first 14 days or whatever. Yes, there is a policy or tolerance that says that an iPad must have XX number of dead pixels to qualify for a replacemnt. This means a replacement OUTSIDE of your 14 days within the first year (warranty period). If you JUST bought the darn thing and it has a dead pixel and it bugs you... you can take it back as many times as necessary.

    I just hope that with all of the massive number of multiple returns that they get, they won't change their policy moving forward.

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