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Original poster
Feb 25, 2012
not normal, but do others have this problem? am i really sleeping through it?

any good apps for an alarm


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May 31, 2007
Florida, USA
You're probbsly turning it off in your sleep. I've done that a few times.

If you find yourself turning it off in your sleep, the best solution is to leave your phone out of reach before going to bed.

If you have to get out of bed to go get it and turn it off, you'll likely not be able to sleep through that. I used to have my clock radio across the room because of my snooze-button-hitting binges making me late for school back in the day!


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Aug 11, 2007
My alarm app failed to ring a couple of days in a row, few weeks ago. I went into the alarm app, turned the alarm off and turned it back on. That seemed to fix the problem.


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Oct 26, 2008
Southern California
Happened to me twice. I woke up 10 minutes before I started work and I live 30 minutes away. The second time I woke up late for class and I ended up missing a quiz. After it happened twice, I downloaded an alarm clock app from the App Store and now I use that. I don't trust Apple's alarm clock anymore.


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Jun 12, 2010
Los Angeles, CA
Yeah, I'm super careful about the way I set alarms (AM vs. PM on-accident, specific time, days of the week, etc.) but sometimes, the Alarms in the default Clock app just doesn't seem to work. I use it on a daily basis for different needs, and I've had every generation of the iPhone to-date, so this isn't a hardware issue since it has happened on every one of them.

Basically, I used to not hear the alarm or feel any vibration and the notification would be up (pre-iOS 5). When iOS 5 came out, the 4S that I had would occasionally miss alarms in terms of vibration and sound, but would always display the alarm in the list of notifications in the lock screen. What's the point of that? It always got lost between 20 emails and RSS stuff instead of actually sounding off and vibrating.

This is definitely an issue that every iPhone has simply because of iOS... I did not run from back-up and have always been setting up a new phone on a new MacBook every year, and most people who don't use alarms daily will not notice it, but a heavy user of the app like me obviously has.


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Feb 16, 2012
you could always test it by setting it for a time when you're awake.

also try making it louder and further away from your bed.


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Oct 25, 2012
There is definitely an issue - I get up every weekday to run at 5:45, never change the time/alarm and never mess with my volume etc. This morning, as has happened a few times over the last few months, the alarm made no sound and I woke at 6:15 to see the notification on screen.

My alarm is a song - could that be a factor? It certainly confirms I couldn't have slept through it - it gets louder and more intense! For the record my wife also would have slept through it.

So if the notification is there, it proves it's going off. In my mind the problem is on the audio side - it's sometimes just staying silent.



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Aug 26, 2008
My wife mentioned that her alarm has failed to go off a handful of times since upgrading to iOS 6. I would agree that there is a bug that needs to be fixed.


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Oct 19, 2012
Just ask Siri to set your alarm for am or pm.. She's there for a reason lol


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Aug 30, 2010
Is your iphone connecting to a Bluetooth device accidentally? If so it could explain the silent alarm as it might being playing thru whatever is Bluetooth.


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Sep 16, 2008
Surrey, BC
For the first time, I changed my alarm to a song.
For the first time, my alarm failed to ring (and I know I didn't sleep through it, because it was in the next room). I have a 3GS and I just saw the notification on screen when I woke up an hour late.
After that, I changed it back to the marimba tone, and I've never had a problem since.
The phone was on silent too. I know that shouldn't affect alarms, but perhaps it's a bug where the phone on silent won't allow the music to play?


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Jun 5, 2018
not normal, but do others have this problem? am i really sleeping through it?

any good apps for an alarm
The same thing has been happening to me for a while,no matter what app I use in any of my devices I can never get an alarm to go off between 5 and 6 am, sorry to give life to this old thread but it's been baffling me for about three years now.

Newtons Apple

Mar 12, 2014
Jacksonville, Florida
not normal, but do others have this problem? am i really sleeping through it?

any good apps for an alarm

My iPhone alarm has been set for weekdays only for years and never failed to go off. I have had room mates who could sleep through a plane crash! You might want to change the sound on your alarm and crank up the volume. If you are a hard waker they make alarms that will shake the bed!


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Apr 29, 2015
Food for thought, and I'm sure everyone here involved has checked this already...

I've only missed a couple alarms in my life, and upon further review it turned out that at least a couple times, I had accidentally set an alarm for 7pm instead of 7am.
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