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Oct 15, 2014
East of Eden
I have been going back and forth with the iPhone 7 since launch day and finally decided to go back to the 7 and stick with it. As luck would have it, the 7 that I bought yesterday was an RF dud. Sitting next to my wife's 6 with three bars, this phone was showing "No Service" or zero bars. I spent 4 1/2 hours with Verizon trying to troubleshoot the thing, going up through several techs. We went through many resets and restores and changes of SIM card and just about everything else you could imagine.

I went back to the Apple Store today and sonuvbeech as soon as I get into the mall it starts showing 4-5 bars. I explained the situation to the Genius who did a little investigating and disappeared into the back, coming out with a new (and that's new, not refurb) iPhone 7 jet black 128gb. He handed me the phone and gave me the charger, cords, etc. from the first phone for my trouble, and then installed a new glass screen saver to replace the one that I'd installed on the phone last night.

I know we hear horrible stories about experiences at the Genius Bar, but these guys really treated me as good as you could possibly expect, maybe better.


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Jun 23, 2010
you're one of the rare that highlights a pos experience and the lack of reply pretty much shows that people tend to rant more then they thank. they take for granted what most don't automatically get...and people tend to remember that one horrible experience but forget about the nine other positive ones.
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Nov 13, 2007
US>FL>Miami/Dade>Sunny Isles Beach>Condo
Good to hear.

Not to detract from your experience, but your experience is rather normal for me when I venture into the 'Store.

It's possible because I've been in and out several hundred times buying multitudes of product in approximately ten years, but from what I see when I go, everyone gets taken care of very well.
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Sep 24, 2013
US Eastern time zone
Barely had any trouble with Apple products since my Macintosh 512 way back when......

The rare times I have had a problem, Apple always came through for me. Why I keep buying their stuff.
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