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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by benchlegs, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. benchlegs macrumors member


    Apr 22, 2011
    I am the owner of a 2007 Macbook version 2.1 that was part of a trade I made with a guy on Craigslist. Thanks to this forum, I read about the many "crackbooks" some of the members had, but then read Apple would fix them free of charge.

    I thought to myself, you've got to be kidding. Who would fix a product over 4 years old for free, but to satisfy my curiosity, I made an appointment this morning with the "genius bar" at my local apple store. When I arrived I showed the the tech the crack to the right side of the touch pad and on the left top bezel over my screen.

    I was immediately answered with "OK what else is wrong" I was a bit stunned, but proceeded to tell her that sometimes a first keystroke would not register. She new exactly what I meant and then told me apple would fix not only the cracked pieces, but the keyboard and keypad which was badly worn free of charge and it would be ready in around 3 hours.

    I came back and picked up my old Macbook which when opened up looked like new. Apple had replaced the housing, top case with keyboard and keypad and the display bezel and yes it was all FREE!

    WOW! I am blown away that ANY company would do this on a product over 4 years old! I am not the original owner, and there was no apple care purchased with this Macbook, no receipts or bill of sales to nothing...they just plain fixed it for free, no questions asked and now I am the recipient of a new looking Macbook.

    The point is, if you have an pre-unibody Macbook that you think is too old for apple to fix, think again, because they fixed mine and they'll fix yours.

    Make an appointment with "Genius bar" (you can do this online) and see. Without the contributions of the members of this forum there's no way I would have ever even thought to bring this thing in for repair, no less FREE repair.

    Thanks MacRumers for all the great info that's shared on this forum!
  2. Emily91 macrumors newbie

    Jun 11, 2011
    I had the exact same situation about 2 months ago. I have a Mid-2007 Macbook in black. I noticed some cracks on easter day when I was doing work for Uni on the way to my grandparents. I called the Sydney Apple store and told them what had happened. The girl on the phone told me they replaced them up to 3 years from the purchase date and that because mine is over that now it was up to the genius I see if they fix it for free.

    I took the journey to the apple store the day the white iPhone came out, I had an appointment as soon as they opened. I took it to the genius bar, they called my name, I opened my MacBook and showed the lovely genius what the Issue was. She scanned the barcode under the battery. Told me they have the top housing in stock and they would fix it free of charge so she took my MacBook out the back 10 minutes later she bought it out with a new top case, touchpad and keyboard (I believe they are all connected). Over all I was very very happy.

    However not all my apple store experiences have been this positive. I took them my iPod touch 4 to them a month after I got it due to screen Issues (that really common screen distortion with a slight bit of pressure thing and light leakage), and they tried to blame me for it when even some of the iPods they had on display had the same issue. However after me arguing for a bit they replaced it.

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