My Apple Store horror story (has a happy ending)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Jessica Lares, Jun 24, 2010.

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    So as you've probably seen here, I've been posting reply after reply worried about my reservation at $199 - I just thought it too good to be true. What happened? Exactly that.

    I went into the Frisco mall at around 5am, stood there until around after 8 where I finally got into the Apple Store. Everything was going GREAT... Until activation.

    They tried using my information for about 30 minutes with no luck, then my dad asked them to try to use his. It was going absolutely NOWHERE. The guy assured me that everything was okay on our end, it was just that my dad "didn't have a family plan." One hour and a half in, the guy instructed us to go to the AT&T across the street to see what was up...

    We get there, only to see that they didn't open for another hour, so we waited. Finally that store opened a few minutes after 10am, we went inside and found out my dad had a balance due on his account that was already a family plan. He paid it off, but because they weren't selling to non-reserves at AT&T, we had to drive back to the mall.

    We got there and some guy got mad because we got in with a HUGE line in front of us. He said some swear words (or that's what my dad tells me).

    We try activating AGAIN and this time it works! So, after like five minutes I had a $199 iPhone 4 FINALLY in my hands!

    To put it bluntly: I am NEVER going through this mess again! I knew that there was something really odd about the price I got. It was great fun being there this morning, but I felt SO bad for my dad at the end because it was just a mess! At least we got there early and everything went okay!

    Oh, and my phone is PERFECT! No flaws on it like some of you lot have.
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