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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by ~David, Mar 6, 2008.

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    This is a good one...

    So as I posted a few weeks ago, the case on my new MacBook is starting to crack around the edges, which apparently, is a common issue.

    So on Feb 23rd (Saturday, nearly two weeks ago) I took it into an Apple Retail store (Sherway Gardens, Toronto). They were fine with repairing it, admitting it was a common issue them selves. They told me that it would take approx. 2 days to get the parts they needed (new case/keyboard/trackpad) in, and I was told that they would call me as soon as they were in.

    So now, two weeks later, I was still sitting here without any word from Apple. So today I finally decided to call them to see what was up.

    I rang up the Apple Sherway Store, went through all the automation stuff only to have a high pitch tone blasted in my ear. I threw the phone to the ground and hung up.

    Finally, 10 minutes later after regaining my hearing in my right ear and putting on a new pair of pants, I call back. Again, I went through all the automation steps, I selected that I wanted support for other Apple products, and not the iPod Support Line, and wait in line for about 5 minutes.

    Next thing I know, I've been sent to the iPod Support Line! So the rep forwards me to the proper line... or so I thought. After waiting on hold for another 5 minutes, another rep finally picks up, asks for my name and MacBook serial number and a few other questions. He asks me what store I brought it into, and I tell him Sherway Gardens, in Toronto. The rep then tells me that I've been forwarded to the Main US Apple Call Center, ARGH! Right before the rep tries to forward me to the correct line (Yeah, right...) I ask if I can give him my repair ticket number, he says ok but tells me that he may not be able to access the Canadian database. Finally, after about 5 more minutes, he manages to pull up my ticket info.

    Here's the kicker... He tells me that the parts they ordered are already in. When did they come in? 2 days after I went into the Apple store, as they said it would! Apparently Apple doesn't know how to pick up a phone and call.

    I am so ticked right now...
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    Someone just simply dropped the ball, or they were expecting you to call directly.

    From what I'm aware of, Apple is in the process of combining their US and Canada support, so that may be why you got stuck in the Bowsers Fortress that is AppleCare's current phone system (it used to be that the two countries weren't even connect in Apple's phone system).

    This kind of thing is just simple human error. Nobody's perfect.

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    When you goto the store, ask them to check their database to see if they ever called. When I worked "retail hell" in a tech support dept, we always logged the date and time of every call attempt. It could be that they simply failed to call, or that they did try to call and they didn't leave a message. In both cases it would be their fault, and if they have no record of attempts to call, you might be able to get something out of them like a gift card for iTunes. ;)

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