My Apple TV freaked out

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by TheSpaz, May 19, 2008.

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    Here's the story:

    Last night while downloading/watching "Over Her Dead Body" in HD, it suddenly stopped downloading at 88%. Then, I tried watching a trailer and that wouldn't load either. So I did a "Check for Downloads" and got an error. So I figured a restart would help so I held down menu and - and went into recovery mode. I didn't recover, I just restarted. Then I STILL couldn't download anything so I checked to see if I was still connected to my wireless network and I was, so I figured that was fine. Just as a troubleshooting step though, I disconnected from my network and reconnected again... although this time it couldn't connect to my router. So, I restarted my router and it STILL wouldn't connect. Then I decided to just yank the power cord on the Apple TV. When it started up again, I hit "reset all settings" and also disconnected from my shared iTunes Library. After I re-paired it with iTunes and reconnected to my network, it started downloading again finally.

    Is this normal? Has anyone else ever have it freak out like this? It's the first time it's done this to me. Do you think maybe it got too hot or something? It was pretty darn warm when I touched it.
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    I haven't had that particular issue but mine decided that it wanted to delete all (3 movies) that I had rented but did not start watching yet. They all had 20 plus days left and I pressed play on one of them, got a "this movie has expired message," and when it went back to the "Rented Movies" page they were all gone. The iTunes group did allow me to redownload my rentals again for free.

    I've marked mine up to weird quirks of the AppleTV. It would be interesting to know if anyone has experienced either of these issues.

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