My Apple Watch Series 2 display won't turn on

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by saintforlife, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. saintforlife, Apr 4, 2018
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    I have an Apple Watch Series 2 that I bought in November 2016. Starting about a week ago it's display stopped turn on. I only see a single line of pixels light up about 3 quarters of the way down. The watch otherwise seems to be working as it vibrates when I use Apple Maps, for example.

    I have tried every method of reset and power down and power cycle methods I could find on the internet with no success. Finally I called Apple Support yesterday. They told me that my Apple Watch is out of warranty (I didn't buy Apple Care) and I'll have to send it in for repair. They quoted $250 including tax just for diagnosing the problem. It would cost an additional $200 of they end up replacing the screen, which I think is the culprit here. Spending twice the money I paid for the watch originally on repairs now makes no sense to me.

    At this point it is an expensive paper weight. Any thoughts on what I should do? Should I try the genius bar at the Apple Store and hope to run into a friendly genius who might fix it for free or maybe waive the diagnostic charge at least or agree to take it as a trade in and I upgrade to a newer S3? Are 3rd party repair shops any good at repairing Apple Watches yet? Maybe go that route?
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    Its definitely hardware related. I would suggest making a genius appointment with an Apple store, allow them to look at it, I don’t they will fix it for free for you, especially being that you’re outside your warranty. I would not allow a third-party repair store to make the repair, as you’re likely not saving a lot of money and it could cause more problems if something else goes wrong. The Only thing I believe Apple will extend, is allow you perhaps to trade in the Defective watch for a small store credit and use it towards the purchase of a new Apple Watch.
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    Are you sure that’s the cost? I smashed my Apple Watch and had it replaced without Apple care, it wasn’t that expensive. Although it wasn’t cheap either, I can’t remember the cost but that would be like $600 au which it certainly wasn’t.

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