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My AppleCare+ & iPhone 4S experience....


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Nov 16, 2010
Back in November, I somehow talked AT&T into letting me upgrade from the 4 to the 4S, 11 months early for contract price. Since they offered then the $99 AppleCare+ service, I was appreciative to AT&T, and went against my original thoughts on AppleCare on devices other than computers and purchased it.

Well....yesterday, I fumbled the iPhone without a case on it and cracked the top right quarter of the front glass. The phone still functioned like new, and the screen protectors that I purchased from the apple store was holding it together.

Right off, I didn't get upset and thought that I was fortunate to have made the decision to buy AppleCare+ to be able to replace it for $49, no questions asked.

I called AppleCare this morning and they gave me several options on returning my phone, before or after they have sent me a brand new 4S. I HAD to choose the option of going to the UPS store and basically giving them the phone and they would package and overnight to apple, and in turn wait a few days for the replacement. This was my only option due to the fact, I live 200 miles from the closest Apple store, and I didn't have $599 in my Bank Account for them to hold till they get my phone, after I ship it back following me receiving the phone.


I didn't have but one issue with that, and it wasn't a real issue in their eyes, but my iPhone is my life-line for work, school and basically everything, and asked if my provider (AT&T) could give me a loaner. The rep told me he wish they would do that but unfortunately not, and then asked for the last 4 digits of my ""IEMI" number, and then the HD size of the phone, and then how much RAM it had (which seems like a weird question)

After giving that information, he proceeded to tell me the procedure and charges (or in this case, lack there of) before ending the call. He said "drop it by the UPS store, your shipping charges will be no cost, and the normal $49 service fee for replacements, is ALSO NO CHARGE to you" I had to pause for a second and think about it, and then confirmed the info.

I was really over-joyed and thanked him for all his help, but had to ask how the hell, I got away with that! His response was " Mr. Key, a lot of people like to praise to rep they speak with in situations like this, but really pat yourself on the back for buying AppleCare+, and being and apple faithful"

Another case of the "Be nice, courteous, and don't lie to anyone at Apple, because ultimately, most problems like this comes down to the Reps decision on how to handle the situation.

He might have charged me $0 for the fact that I asked for a loaner (from AT&T) and he couldn't get me one. And as any good company would and should do, in the end try to make me happy and pleased with the whole situation.

One las thing, because the post is getting long. He said that when my busted iPhone arrives at AppleCare, they will look at the serial number and see that they need to send a brand new replacement and will overnight it to you, so 3 days max you will have your new phone, and this incident will not go against you're 2 chance warranty"



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May 27, 2006
So you paid for an insurance policy and you are happy because it paid out. This is what insurance is for - it's not somehow unique to AppleCare.


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Apr 30, 2004
So you paid for an insurance policy and you are happy because it paid out. This is what insurance is for - it's not somehow unique to AppleCare.

Read again. He wasn't charged the $49 that Apple stated they would charge.

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