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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by JohnApples, Aug 16, 2015.

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    When I bought AppleCare+ for my Watch back in April, I was under the assumption that it would make my life easier. However, in this scenario it did not.

    In a previous thread about a month ago, I posted about a defect with the heart rate sensor of my Watch and sent it in for repairs. I ended up receiving a replacement Watch (which was a headache in itself) about a week later. A few days went by when I realized that I had purchased AppleCare+ for the old Watch, and I went to My Support Profile thinking I had to manually transfer it to the new one.

    I discovered that the warranty was still on the old Watch, while the new Watch was displaying that even the manufacturer's warranty was expired. I went on a live chat with Apple Support, who referred me to a phone number. Upon calling the number and explaining my situation, I was put on hold and eventually transferred to a new advisor after about 15 minutes or so. He explained to me that AppleCare would transfer to the new Watch automatically and to give it a week.

    Well, I ended up giving it 2 weeks, and still the AppleCare had not gone over to the new Watch. I got back on the live chat, where I was once again referred to a number, this time in the AppleCare "department" rather than the Apple Watch one. After explaining my situation for the 4th time now, I was put on hold for roughly another 15 minutes until I was transferred to a "senior advisor". He reviewed my case and told me that my AppleCare transfer appeared to be "stuck in the system". He told me he was going to get in contact with some technicians who were going to push the transfer forward for me. I was put on hold for almost a half hour when he came back and told me that they "weren't answering" and that he would call me back the next day once he got ahold of the technicians and had them push the transfer through.

    I did receive a call from him the next day (this past Thursday) and he told me that "pushing the transfer through" did not solve the issue and that something else was wrong with the transfer. He assured me that he would find a solution and contact me the next day, again. Friday, then Saturday, came and went, with no call.

    Now, on Sunday (today at time of writing), I was pretty frustrated and called Apple Support once more. I explained the situation yet another time, and was, again, transferred to a "senior advisor". During the transfer however, something strange happened and I was listening to the "on-hold music" along with a phone ringing at the same time. Then they both stopped and all I could hear was what sounded like someone typing on a keyboard on the other line. I said "Hello?" half a dozen times, but no one answered.

    Now I'm swearing at my Watch with the Mickey face grinning back, mocking me. This time I get back on live chat support, and furiously type out the entire situation from start to finish, trying not to take my anger out on the chat advisor. He sympathized with me and said he would look over my case without handing me over to a phone call. After about 10 minutes he told me that I should have received an email on Friday about the steps to take to remedy the transfer issue. I double checked my inbox, and told him that no email existed. He resent the email which basically just said to Erase all content on the watch and restore from backup. I thanked him, and explained that I didn't mean to take out any frustration on him, but that I had just been given the run-around several times with no luck or end in sight for the problem. He seemed to be in a rush because all he said was "I understand your frustration and I too would be upset if my device was not covered. Hope you have a great rest of your day!" and then disconnected from the chat.

    Not to my surprise at all, erasing and restoring the watch did not fix the AppleCare issue. It did, strangely though, add 90 days of telephone support to my Watch according to My Support Profile. At this point, I'm laughing, and get on live chat AGAIN by reopening the case. The new advisor said he would look over my issue, and then he said he would confirm that I followed the steps correctly. Of course he did, and then told me that he was not sure why it wouldn't transfer and told me he would transfer me to a phone call with an Agreement Advisor. I told him I didn't have time at the moment and I agreed the schedule a callback at 9:30 PM EST.

    So, just a few moments ago, I get a call from Apple and the advisor wants me to explain the whole situation one more time. I do, and he transfers me to an Agreement Advisor. She asks me to read of my Watch's serial number, and I do. Then she says "Alright, I transferred the AppleCare over to the new watch for you." I check My Support Profile, and I was shocked to see that it had FINALLY transferred over. 3 weeks of headache solved in 20 seconds. I thanked her and hung up.

    I don't understand what happened, or if this is "normal" for a transfer to screw up so badly like that, but I have NOT been pleased. I've gone through Apple Support several times in the past, and it's usually great and they're very helpful. This was the complete opposite and has been incredibly frustrating, to say the least. What was strange throughout the whole ordeal, is that not a single advisor seemed to be apologetic about the back-and-forth hassle I was put through. I received lots of "I can understand your frustration" responses, but the only time I head an actually "I apologize" was when an advisor was apologizing about the extended hold time during the phone calls. This is what makes me the most upset I think.

    TL;DR: After roughly three weeks of going back and forth with Apple Support, no one seemed to know what to do to solve a simple issue until just now when an advisor fixed the AppleCare+ transfer in literally 20 seconds.

    I really just needed to post this to vent. Never had I had such a literal headache dealing with customer support for such a top-notch company. Has anyone else had a similar issue with AppleCare transfers, or with poor Support from Apple?
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    Can't say I have. I took out Apple Care+ on my watch but haven't had any issues. I wonder if all the new hires at Apple has resulted in this kind of response for you. Maybe you got a lot of new hires in your dealings. Surely this should have been resolved long before it was. If you want to see things improve, might be worth sending an email retelling it again in brief form and referencing your case. Not sure who that should go to though. Sounds like CS needs work. I do think Apple cares about maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.
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    That could have been the problem. I did receive lots of canned responses, and I can't tell you how many times I heard "If I was in your situation, I would want my device covered as soon as possible too". Where exactly would I send in comments/complaints about Support itself?
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    I wouldn't like to be at your place, nice patience you got there bud
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    Try emailing Tim Cook.

    I don't expect him to personally read all his emails, but it does seem that they get referred to the proper department.
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    I think you were maybe a little too nice about it all. First and foremost, engaging a chat rep is basically like asking the doorman at a hotel to change your room reservation. It's usually the least effective method of obtaining all but the most basic service in my experience.

    Once you ascertained that a chat rep was escalating your case to someone else, getting back on chat another day was effectively starting from scratch and a complete waste of time. Doing it yet again after that, especially since you were given a specific phone number, was just inviting frustration.

    Once I get someone on the phone, I give a Cliff's notes version of the problem, and make it very clear that I don't expect the person on the other end of the line to necessarily be the person that has the ability to push the button that needs to be pushed to solve the issue. But I also make it clear that I know such a person exists, and that given the amount of time I have already spent on the issue, the quicker I can be transferred to that person, the better it will be for everyone.

    This method of firm undeniable no nonsense determination has proven very successful for me.
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    I'm guessing the transfer should have been automatic, and the people you spoke to did not know the manual work around, well, not until you called the last person and they got it done in 20 secs.

    I think we expect the Apple staff to be more knowledgeable than they really are, when I picked up my Apple watch I was joking with the sales person saying I would pair it with my android phone, he said "owww it works with android phones now does it, that is great" awkward silence followed.....
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    I understand and realize that jumping back and forth between the live chat and telephone was not the most preferable course of action. But I honestly didn't know what to do.

    Neither chat reps nor phone reps seemed to know what to do, and each time I was given a different phone number, so I had half a dozen ones to try, with extensions, who was I to call first?

    Not to mention that each time I DID call, I was always given an "extended wait time", followed by a lengthy transfer and even lengthier "put you on hold while I search for a solution". Not to mention that one time where I ended up getting disconnected during a transfer. At least the chat reps were available immediately and in the last scenario, got a senior advisor to call ME instead of the other way around.

    I definitely think I was too nice about it though, but I didn't know where to direct my anger and frustration. I'm just glad it's all over now.

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