My Aquatic Ibook


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Aug 25, 2006
New England

Yesterday I inadvertantly dumped about half a nalgene of water on my trusty old ibook g3. A lot of it i soaked up with towels, but I guess that there was more than I realized on the computer, because after a couple minutes it switched off. Panic attack. I let took the battery out, opened the tray, let it "drain" overnight, and prayed a lot.

Next day, it starts but the touchpad is messed up and doesnt track correctly, and the sound comes out as static bursts. Keyboard comes out, RAM sheild comes out, I get a hair dryer and start trying to dry it out through the fan grills and any place that can be reached with a blast of hot air.

Not totally sure what to do now... take apart further? BTW, I'm a new member (this is my second post), so hey y'all, great to be here.

Replies and suggestions would be awesome. Thanks.