My battery is completely crapped up!


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Apr 22, 2006
Hi everyone,

* This is a complaint*

I have had my Macbook for about 6 months and it has been fine until recently it has been shutting down so often. It has done this twice as i have been tryin to type this topic. :mad:

I cant do anything on my Macbook without it switching off and i quite frankly getting very cheesed off about it.

Now i thought Apple would of sorted something out, but i havent heard a single thing.

I have rong the support line and they said nothing that helped me, so i decided to post a message here and thought you guys might be able to help! :eek:

Anyone can help me?


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Apr 19, 2004
How do you know it is the battery? The 1 year warranty should cover anything that is broken. Plus, if you have an apple store near you, take it there. You will have a much easier time getting help in person.


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May 21, 2006
not being rude but you couldn't have had your mb for 6 months because it came out in mid may and its only the beginning of september.

Does it only shut down when you use the battery or when its plugged in? if it does it when it is plugged in too, i think you have random shutdown problems. Apple has now admited that they have this problem, so if you just say i have random shutdowns to them, they *should* just take it back and fix it for you.

for more reference of our woes, this is a good random shutdown complaints thread to join.

in the mean time, reset the pram etc- which the apple tech should have told you to do, and I personally think pushing the on button down for 5 seconds till hte light flashes helps the computer be more stable and reduces the amount of time the computer crashes in a day.:)