My big dillemma

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by loganblade, Jan 16, 2008.

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    Oct 30, 2007
    ok guys here goes...

    I am a canadian resident and would absolutely love an iphone, but i am currently in the middle of a bell contract and it will cost me 200$ ti get out of it.... Bad news right?

    But heres the thing... i COULD get an iphone and maybe ask rogers to credit me the $200? And ill sign with them for three years BUUUTT what if they come out with a CDMA iphone in either canada or japan then i could get that and either keep my bell contract or sign a new one and add 7$ for unlimited data!!!

    And finally, the final option. The ipod touch. ive hacked them before and with the microphone out and so friggin easy to build on your own, its practically an iphone except... no incoming calls... BUT ALMOST!!! and no sms txting.

    So, finally have to make a decision but i need to know some things first...

    Can you set up a voicemail type thing on a VoIP account so if SOMEHOW they get incoming calls working it will act as like a pager? so when you get back into a wifi hotspot??

    Because if thats the case i will just get a touch! seems alright!

    Please tell me your thoughts! Thanks again!!!

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