My Big Flat Screen TV!


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Sep 2, 2004
So, iTV is going to hook up to my "Big Flat Screen TV", eh Steve? How's about that "Big Flat Screen TV" that's gonna work with iTV?

Anyone count how many times he said, "Big, flat screen tv?"

Okay, Steve. I may have already dropped nine gagillion dollars on your product, but we all don't have 3000 dollar telvisions hanging off our walls. Or, more importantly, not all of us even need 'em. My house still has a space built into the wall for a nice tube television and yes, while it weighs over 100 pounds, I happen to like the picture of my 34" Toshiba HDTV.

So Steve, couldn't you have talked about regular, terrestrial televisions, and not the kind that cost as much as, well, my computer?


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Sep 13, 2006
I read more into it...

I watched the event later on in the evening, and too was struck by how many times "big flat screen TV" was mentioned by Jobs. I got the odd feeling that perhaps he was introducing coded messages into his presentation and that in Q1 2007 Apple would also enter the big flat-panel hi-def TV market.



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Jul 22, 2002
Tampa, FL
Well, I dunno about all that.

I do know if you look at the connectors that it offers ONLY HDMI and component video (due to the progressive nature of the digital images).

You CAN use it on ANY TV. You'll just need a component to composite or component to s-video converter (perhaps Radio Shack?), but that's it. I think they are trying to make it future oriented rather than backwards compatible. And since converting down isn't too much a hassle and the converters are cheaply available, they did the right thing.

I'm still bent that HDMI doesn't relay 1080p, but until I have the dough to build my ideal home theater, I shouldn't sweat it.

And, fwiw, my 36" Hitachi Ultravision CRT still displays a pretty nice picture for being 11 years old...


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Aug 11, 2006
3000 dollars? I paid 1500 for my 43" 1920x1080P lcd display...

The prices are coming down, and quick. I think next year we will see larger screen lcd display in the 1000 range, and the smaller ones (32-37") below 1000.