My continued failure. Please help

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    Sep 20, 2012
    Hey guys, i write to you, after immense amounts of depression and anger had subsided.

    So you see, my uncle sent me an iPhone 4s. Locked to Fido. iOS 5.0.

    That day, i tried to use it, but failed. Why? Because im on rogers.

    I didnt know about unlocks or jailbreaks, btw. There was a little technique on youtube showing how i could access the main menu. Which was, calling 911 or some emergency number and whatever. So i did that, and yay i got to the menu section. I then looked at settings, and thought since im such a genius (no) i could do something that would allow me to actually use the iphone. The settings screen only showed: Update software.

    I thought, why not?

    After updating to 5.1.1, i read articles on how it could NOT be unlocked. I started fml-ing.

    Thankfully enough, after i used a friends Fido sim to unlock it, i was able to use it. I just use another crappy htc wildfire phone. Anyways.

    So i waited a month, because i was told an unlock to this would SURELY come out soon enough. and it did! Yay. So after almost a month of waiting, i finally went out and got my iPhone 4s, now with iOS 5.1.1, locked to Fido, to be UNLOCKED with a gevey turbo S thing, and it worked! I was soooo happy you cant even imagine. This was last night.

    Today, in the morning, as i was getting ready for another long day of University, i went into settings and saw "Update to iOS6". And..i thought for a second. Hmm, should i do this? I dont know. And sure enough, my fingers pressed: UPDATE.


    So, after a fun night of using my beloved iphone, it has now been updated, and the gevey turbo s thingamajig does not seem to be working. My iphone lost all batter power and was heating up TREMENDOUSLY, and shut down, in just..5 hours? i know that updating was a terrible and stupid thing to do, i just..iv been waiting for so, so long, and im such a patient person, i just cant handle the fact that it's back to being unusable as a phone..

    I know im probably just venting to you guys, i there ANYTHING, ANYTHING, that i, or anyone else, could do?

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