My crap day


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Sep 13, 2004
Johannesburg, South Africa
So I get up this morning, supper tired, drag my sorry carcass into the shower, things start looking up... its almost friday right, it can only get better!


Start my hour long commute to work, and wouldnt you know, some dip***** stops his car infront of me and I hit him... we pull off the side of the road, and he gets all agro and in my face with me because his car has a dent... demanding that I pay for all damages, meanwhile the front of my car is history! :rolleyes: Make it to work and start calling the relavant people... my dad informs me that we are inbetween insurance companies and we might not be insured... :eek:

Few hours of stressing later it turns out we are insured, but I will have to pay for towing my car to the nearest repair centre... im still waiting for the quote for repairs but they suspect it will be over R20 000 ($2500)

I ask if they will give me a rental until my car is fixed, yes they will... wonderfull hey, but only 24 hours after the insurance claim is made, that means I have no way of getting home (its a 80km drive) and no way of getting to work tomorrow, tell my boss and he politely informs me that I have to be here tomorrow because someone is having their farewell... little does he know that he will be having one for me soon as well!


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Feb 27, 2006
Portsmouth, U.K
i guess it makes me glad i don't drive :) - not that i don't have sympathy; its just that bicycles can't really do much damage to a car (vice versa can) so i guess its a win-win situation for cyclists such as myself... long as we survive

seriously though, thats a crap day indeed


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May 26, 2005
Working for MI-6
Sorry to hear about your run of bad luck Lollypop. :(

I hope things work out for you (insurance company, transportation needs, etc...). :)


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Aug 5, 2006
In the Depths of the SLC!
Today was (er yesterday) was an ok day (read along the lines of my School Shooting Potential thread). But after I found out the dance was cancelled, a friend and I went up to his house in the mountains. My car stalled right in front of his driveway, right after my lights faded and the windshield wipers stopped and the radio stopped. The car wouldn't start, it wouldn't let me put it in neatral, nothing. It was raining really hard. So my friend pulls the his car in front of mine, we open the hoods, ready to jump them. Well, well, well, through the lack of lighting in my hood, I see the top of the battery, and what you know. The red cable was loose (+). I slipped it back on, and what do you know, my lights all turn on at once!!!!

But just before all that, i was doing a turn, and I had a 64 oz drink and it spilled all over the floor (This was in a parking lot) and looking down at it, I drove right up over a curb (i was freaked that that had something to do with my stall, and the whole way there thinking about what the bumer was going to look like). And the car just came out of the repair shop, we got a new hood and bumer.

What happened on that note was this, and lemme just drop this line by. Remember that old commercial with that old lady who was dissatisfied that they gave her a crappy tire, so she threw it through the window of the store? Well, that is like my case. My grandma had been working for this cleaning company for a long time, and about five years ago, they let her go (becuase of age I guess). So I guess you could say this, she basically was angry and as pay back she threw her front bumper into the window of the store. lol.

NO, that is not really what happened, apparantly like they say "As we live in an age where people are more healthy, and live longer, we are growing to drive later and later in our lives. But, remember, when you are sixty or more, there are 2 pedals in a car, and you have a 50/50 chance of getting one of them. I guess that is what happened, I dunno tho, maybe she really did pay them back, lol.

But as for the thread, my day was decent, but after stepping in a dozen puddles, missing the school dance, finding out the girl I asked out was taken, having my battery problems, and spilling my 64oz of no fear,,, it was a pretty decent day!


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Feb 27, 2005
Yesterday was a terrible day for me too, minus the Regina Spektor concert last night (which was amazing).

I had my car window fixed (fell off the track), and that ran me up a bill of $500. Then, just after I pick up my car, I'm with a friend getting stuff out of my trunk. I shut the truck, and realize I just locked my keys in there. The same instant, I fling my cell which I was holding and it breaks into two pieces. Balls.

Nonetheless, today, Verizion tells me that the lowest new phone I can get will be $150, and it's not even a camera phone or anything. Blah. Makes me furious. But, stuff seems to come in waves. I suppose the only thing you can do is deal. :(