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    I previously transferred my music from my desktop to my laptop thru the "consolidate library" method. I backed it onto a hard drive and proceeded to transfer my library to my laptop. I may have done it twice, or something, but what happened was that all my songs were doubles on my iTunes. eg. there were two sweet child o mine. for every song, one of them was a false file with an (!) next to it, which showed up as file invalid, or location could not be found. so, I've essentially been working with a library thats 20 GB and 9000 songs instead of 10GB and 4500 songs, because half of them are repeats.

    heres my new problem. Im planning on getting a new MPB, and I'm worried as to how i should transfer my current library (which runs on win7). if I do the "consolidate library" method again, will it have all the doubles? how can I get rid of these "false files" with the (!) next to them? also, will consolidate library work transitioning from a pc to a mac?

    thanks a lot.
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    I haven't really used consolidate library before so I can't really answer your question on that. What I can do is offer how I would have transferred my music.

    - I would connect the computers with firewire and put the new mbp in target disk mode by holding down "t" on startup.

    - Then I would locate my itunes folder by going to MachintoshHD/Users/Your_Name/Music and then finding the folder that says iTunes.

    - Now open your mbp drive that is now located on your desktop computer, and go to MachintoshHD/Users/Your_Name/Music

    - Drag the iTunes Folder from the desktop to the mbp

    Thats worked for me. I wouldn't say its the best way to do it but I've never had problems. Maybe someone else can correct my method if there are any flaws.

    Hope this helps!
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