My current MBP 13" and my future iMac

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by JDee, Feb 3, 2010.

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    Hi guys,

    I purchased a MacBook Pro 13" the month it came out, I think it was June/July/August of 09'?

    Ever since I've had it it randomly has beach balls every 5 minutes. It get's so frustrating at times. It's stopped happening so often, but I have another issue.
    I have literally text files, general applications like Firefox, MSN, Skype, Office etc; and I only have 938 MB available out of 120GB? Everytime I restart it shows up with different space available and I'm unable to burn DVDs to disks because apparently it requires 6GB to even run applications.

    I have the 3 year Apple Care with it, I brought it into the Apple Store one time and they said in order to look at it I'll need to backup my stuff.. I don't have an external HDD and I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle. Opinions?

    Also - on the right hand side of my MBP:

    (I know the picture quality is horrible, but look at the arrow)...

    On the point marked by the arrow on my MBP, there is some sort of dent, my MBP is in overall good condition except for this damn thing. If I am wearing a t-shirt and I put my palm of my hand there and briefly touch it, it gives me an extremely painful sting. Now I either have to put something over the right section of my MacBook Pro or resort to wearing a shirt or jumper etc, anything I can do regarding that?

    And sorry for the questions, although I am considering buying an iMac 27 inch during June, July or September time to take part in the Back to School program. I done it last year and I sold the iPod Touch on eBay =].

    Do you think the lowest range iMac 27" price will be decreased? Any updates? Please give me your opinions.

    Thanks everyone for reading and for answering if you do, I appreciate it.

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    Aug 31, 2008
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    You could either get a 6GB or bigger sd car, or a flash drive and once you have mover enough data to burn dvds back up the rest of your files that way.
    And then have apple look at it.

    As for the dent I suppose you could buff it out, but obviouslly you probably want to do a thread search first to see the best way or if there are better alternatives.

    If you spent the money on applecare, why not get an external HD and back it up so you can get apple to look at it.

    Other than that I am not entirely sure what you are asking.

    It almost sounds like you are looking for an excuse just to get an imac, I imagine it would be cheaper to get an external drive than to upgrade into an imac.

    If you do get an imac what will you do with your MBP ?
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    Back up all your stuff and reinstall OS X. If that doesnt work, its a hardware problem and you should just take your mbp to Apple.

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