My Day at the Movies :)


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Feb 3, 2006
Queens, New York NY-5
Well let me tell you about my day at the movies that really pissed me off.

I am a real big Texas Chainsaw Massacre fan, so of course I went to see Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beggining at the movies today, and guess what... It's rated R. Sooooooooooo that means I cannot get in because I'm only 16 and you have to be 17.

Well we have to go back and exchange our tickets because I come up with the bright idea to sneak in. We make it into the theater, but decide to wait until the movie starts to go in because they might check stubs or something in the theater. Besides, the movie started 30 minutes later. So we're in the arcade and then (well here is the part that makes me glad we didn't stay in the theater) this guy goes in to the theater with a clip board kicking out everyone who shouldn't be in there. My friend who thinks she soooooo smart decides to ASK the guy can we sneak into the movie (she's a little slore who thinks she can get guys to do what she wants). Of course he's like no and I'm still in the arcade and in my mind I'm like I'm still sneaking in anyway.

So this guy is filling her with lies about sneaking into the movie (this is the part that really makes me mad because none of it is true). He's talking to her and she becomes really concerned so her knowing that I'm still going to sneak in calls me over and foils my plan. He starts talking to me I guess telling me the same thing he told her and he's all like the security guard is going to come up in a few minutes and pull out anyone who shouldn't be there. Then he said when they do they're going to call the cops and they'll arrest us for sneaking into an R rated movie. When I get down to the station they'll call my mom (he said mom specifically) and then I'll be in a big mess.

Now first of all why would they need security guards to come up and check if he's the one doing the checking and kicking out people. Second of all sneaking into R rated movies isn't even illegal (all the movies cost the same so I'm not even stealing from the theater). Why would it even be an offense that requires an arrest because I'm not hurting anyone but myself by deciding to see the movie. Due to the lovely first amendment we have, the MPAA ratings are nothing but a guideline for movies. Oh yea and my mom knows I was going to see the movie so pfft.

I think that it was wrong of him to BS me. I know it's his job, but he could have simply denied us and not basically threaten us. The most they could do is kick us out without a refund. Everyone I was with believed the guy which was sad so no one wanted to see it with me anymore and I wasn't about to ask someone to "permit" me to see it "with" them. I am really upset and I think something should change. I've been to other theaters no problem to see R rated movies simply because I paid with a credit card. I did walk away from this though with a refund because I did not get kicked out.

Sorry... just had to vent. I'm trying again tomorrow as I MUST see this movie and I will not wait till it goes on DVD.

I hate the MPAA. The only media they should regulate is pornographic material. As far as I know there isn't even nudity in Texas Chainsaw Massacre according to the rating. And even if they must regulate movies, they should give more flexible ratings for different age groups, because there is a real big gap of 5 years between 13 and 17 and there are some PG 13 movies with worse material than rated R movies, but the rated R movies are just rated R maybe for 10 seconds of drug use.

OH Yes. The guy also said that if you come on a really inactive day, they don't care at all.


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Sep 22, 2006
So Cal
:rolleyes: the guy was definately bluffing, especially when he mentioned the cops. i doubt any real cop would care if a teenager watched an R-rated film. the guy was just trying to persuade you into leaving peacefully, trying to make his job easier. with opening night of the movie, the managers prolly told everyone to keep an eye for things like that.

Hummer said:
OH Yes. The guy also said that if you come on a really inactive day, they don't care at all.
there you go, just come back when its slow. :D


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Mar 9, 2005
yeah he was bsing u big time AT WORST they would chuck u out and prbly not that (besides it's really kinda tricky to figure out who's supposed to be there or not.