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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by MartinAppleGuy, Nov 22, 2016.

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    Sep 27, 2013
    So I walked into an Apple Store within the first week of it being available for a try on appointment and fell in love with the series 0 Apple Watch in Space Grey. I was just unable to justify it due to financial reasons at the time, but when watching the September 2016 Apple Keynote with the new Series 1 and Series 2, little did I know I was going to get one!

    I got the idea after being reminded about it by a friend, and went on a trip from my university over to the Apple Store and spend 30 minutes trying many different combinations and seeing what Watch OS was capable of. I both sizes, different colours, and mainly different bands and feel in love with the combination of space grey Sport with the Milanese Loop for more dressier occasions.

    After the trip, I chose to start saving and 3 weeks later arrived my Apple Watch Series 1 42mm Space Grey. I chose it go for the Series 1 over the Series 2, as I don't go swimming all that often, and I always have my phone with me when I'm out or working out (where I'm sure the £100 increase to upgrade to Series 2, I could get a lot more out of £100 of mobile data for GPS!). I ended up choosing not to order the Milanese Loop in Space Black (£180 with my student discount) just as it was too much of a price increase. I felt the Watch at £300 gives me this amazing Watch with thousands of features, and the band only gave me a single extra (that being better looks) and by keeping the money I had reserved for the Milanese Loop, I kept in case of any emergencies as that much could almost entirely replace the Watch if need be! Not that it will ever happen, but when put like that I found it too hard to swallow on my current wage but bet wearers of that feel proud as it looks and feels great!

    I pulled the trigger on a Series 1 just 3 days ago from a local store as they had 5% off an Apple Watch Series 1 (for that day only) and had a price match Guarantee that would span me up to Black Friday! So if anywhere was more than £15 cheaper, I've saved myself from any tears lol

    The Watch arrived today early in the morning, and upon opening it and trying it on; it felt so light and premium on my wrist. The display is silly, haw droppingly good and performance is off the charts. Using the dock to open app after app and actually multitask on a one inch devices strapped to my wrist is nothing short of incredible! After playing around with it and installing Watch OS 3.1, I went out for a little jog that ended up being 1.7Km and I was amazed at the tracking when looking at my Watch (as well as the very nicely designed workout sentric Watch faces) that told me calories burned, distanced ran, time lapsed and my current heart rate.

    After playing around with it a little more, I've ended up rounding down my favourite Watch face to 12 or so faces They're all excellent and a cut above any smart watch (where I have very high standards of UI design being a web designer myself).

    The Watch is currently charging and I myself are a very happy customer. Say what you want about current day Apple; but I'm still yet to receive any buyers remorse with a single Apple Product (something no other brand has done yet with me).

    So all in all, happy to join the club!
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    Jan 20, 2011
    Congratulations on your new Apple Watch! I've been considering getting one myself, also in the Space Grey, and likely a Series 1. Thanks for sharing your experience as a new owner.
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    Jul 12, 2016
    Excellent. Enjoy your new Watch. Love mine.

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