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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by corywoolf, Jul 26, 2007.

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    Overall it's good, but... ;)
    In my opinion
    1. "Demo Reel by Cory Woolf" could be confusing and make people wonder if this is a demo reel of your work or a demo reel you cut together of someone else's work (like some paid you to cut demo reel for them). Instead you could use something like Cory Woolf- Motion GFX, Editing, DVD Authoring so that people watching know exactly what to expect. I know it says that on the page the demo is on, but you should always pretend the demo is being seen in a vacuum w/o anything accompanying it, IMO.

    2. I think the song can be distracting when it "distorts" over the swear words.

    3. In the "motion gfx" section only show graphics since you are dividing up your reel into sections. Seeing live action mixed w/the gfx made me wonder if we left the gfx section, and if so why I didn't see a new slate introducing the next section.

    4. In the "editing" section you need to show some editing. ;) The GFX and DVD sections show you can cut a montage to a beat so in the editing section you should show some brief clips from things you've edited.

    5. The length was good, the vibe was good, but I'd toss the "credits" at the end and change your info at the end to the same font/style as the text in the rest of the piece. Also, having it say "video services" made me go "huh" 'cause "video services" implies shooting as well (at least to me) and there wasn't a "videography" section on the reel. I'd either changed the end text to "motion gfx", "editing", and "DVD authoring" or add a "videography" section if you shoot as well.

    Your reel is about a clear, concise message. It's a commercial selling your services so give it the same attention to detail and critical thinking that you would if a client hired to make a commercial for their business.

    Shane Ross, who runs the blog Little Frog in HD (good blog and he also provides a lot of great info on various industry sites) has an effective, yet simple, demo reel. Actually, demo reels as he has different reels for different genres. I'd check them out if you get the chance. Here is a direct link.

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    Do you go to MSU, by any chance? Because I know both Kirk and Lauren in your "special thanks" section. :D
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    No I don't, I might transfer there soon though. I have known Kirk since I was born, he was in my neighborhood. What a small world it is, eh? He moved to Chicago because he got a job as an assistant producer at a production house (incase you didn't already know). :)
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    All excellent points, thanks for the critique. I didn't even think about the video services part, that was actually taken from the rap concert dvd I made earlier this year. I don't have any of the plugins for AE CS3, since Trap-code and others haven't released a universal binary yet. So the shine effect and 3D stroke can't be easily redone at the moment. I will probably resume working on it next tuesday, the next day I have off from work. thanks again.
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    For gods sake, stop using trapcode shine at this very moment. :)

    (Seriously though, shine has turned into such a cliche that its inclusion in a reel, unless used very subtley and creatively, can be an immediate turn off. I have to look at demo reels for new hires at my work all the time and when a reel comes through with overused, throw on effects like shine and lense flare, many times I will immediately eject the disk and go on to the next reel.)

    Your reel isnt bad, but I would tighten it up a bit.
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    Hey man, nice work. You came out the gate strong with the wakeboard freeze frame trace outline. I was immediately impressed and thinking- ok, he's got something. It's nice, so any comments I make will be directed at getting it to be better.

    1) You may wanna cut it down. IMHO, prospective employers and clients want something a little quicker, unless you have various things to show, but I think there is too much wakeboarding and poor concert footage. Some of the strobe concert footage was cool in the beginning. Young, fresh, hip-hop, good stuff. After so much of it though- I felt you were using it as filler. Cut up those songs and change cues more if you have to. Also- Get me right into that very 1st shot of the wake boarder without the long opening titles. ie- Title: Demo Reel- 2 seconds at most and BOOM! we're into it. Shoot for 1:30 (?) and you can really take people's breath away. leave the name and stuff like that for the end

    2) Organize. I like the trace thing and other motion gfx, but maybe group it together with no wakeboarding and concert footage to fill the voids. When I see the xbox controller, have text that says 3D modeling, as I assume you did that. I'm liking the city bouncing to the beat too. Seems like you grouped your DVD menus- the concert menu is tight too :) You have fresh material but it gets lost in the wakeboarding and concert footage. Also, the frisbee golf stuff got too much attention. It just doesn't visually hold up in a visually stimulating reel

    That's iT! It starts off sooo powerful but you stuggle to keep it alive only due to having it long. It's a teaser, so you want me to be wanting more but I kind of see you've used and reused everything you have.

    Also- I'm going to crit your resume if it's ok with you. Lead with professional experience and keep your education at the bottom (which is opposite in most industries I think). I would miniminze anything not related to editing and gfx.

    Also- maybe somewhere in the reel (at end?) you can quickly state systems and softwares you're comfy on. AVID / FCP / ADOBE / x. Though clients don't care, I think post houses do.

    Hope this helps- keep up the great work and let me know when you're moving to LA!
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    A big thanks to you and everyone else who commented. I agree on everything. When you spent a ton of time on something, it is sometimes hard to completely cut it out. So this really just reinforces a lot of my subconscious thoughts. I think I will do away with the hockey footage completely. I will concentrate more on motion graphics, since that's really what my number one interest is and probably my top skill at the moment. The last couple years I have been studying After Effects hard core and just got into Maya recently. I lost a ton of my work when my hard-drive died on me earlier this year, so I have little to work with, just some really old stuff and some really new stuff. I have a few ideas on for new animations and will keep them secret for now, I hope to surprise you with at least one of them. :p


    - Cory
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    Jun 28, 2004
    Totally agree, but damn it is sexy! The equivalent of the reflection trend of Web 2.0. :rolleyes:

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