My Dilemma> going off to school, should I buy now or wait?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Dee908, Aug 13, 2008.

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    Aug 13, 2008

    I'm from The Bahamas and I am going off to school next week and currently have a Dell laptop with a 60GB hard drive which needless to say is full, and a 120GB external hard drive which I've backed up my data on and store most of my music files. The computer pretty much sucks, My track pad does not work and for some unknown reason my wireless adapter is broken and I've had to use a wired connection to gain internet access for the entire year, after contacting Dell about my problem they say the only solution is to reinstall my OS (this coming after 3hours on the telephone with their support trying to fix the problem to no avail). I've had my mind set on getting an Apple notebook for a while now and have decided upon purchasing a MacBook for college, probably the mid level version (upgrading RAM myself). The thing is as a frequent visitor of this website and others which keep up to date on all things Apple I've been reading a lot that there will be an update of the MacBook line sometime before the Holidays and even as soon as late September. This would be ideal for me as a new Macbook with hardware updates would serve me well during the next few years that I will spend abroad studying. However right now Apple has a promotion where if you buy a Mac before mid September and you are a student you receive a free iPod Touch. I have no need for an iPod Touch as I already have a 4GB iPod Nano (though only for use with my Nike+ kit) and I plan to purchase an 16GB iPhone 3G upon me receiving a social security number in the coming weeks. I planned on selling the iPod back at home as prices for the iPod Touch are ridiculous over here. I mentioned to a few of my friends that I would be willing to sell it for $325-$350 and a few have already taken interest and I've even got a few willing to buy immediately. As a freshman the extra few bucks would really go a long way but I'm wondering if I should sacrifice something as important as the computer I will be using for all my assignments for the next four years just for some money. Also, there's a chance the problem with my wireless adapter won't be solved by just reinstalling the OS. If it is fixed I don't think it will be difficult for me to wait a few weeks before purchasing the new MacBook and just transfer my data. I'm basically stuck in the middle with this one, can someone please help me?

    Any advice given is much appreciated and I want to say Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with my current situation.
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    I too am in a same dilemma: i am giving my Blackbook to sis to get the MBPro. We both attend Uni. We both need a laptop. I was wondering if i should get MBP right now with 8GB touch (though i have 2gen nano) or wait for new pro to come out...
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    dont wait. the new ones won't be like ibook transitioning to the macbook, just maybe a glass trackpad and such. but you won't benefit from it more than the ipod touch, as the Op will sell it for an iphone. I'd say get the macbook or the mbp now, since it's the best deal. A few new case redesigns, and glass trackpads arent worth $300 ipod touch and a free printer.
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    As I've had terrible experiences with previous notebooks and have been looking forward to getting a Mac for about 2 years now I really want to get the best available. Things such as a glass track pad and a slightly faster processor, though minor improvements, are things that actually interest me.
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    Aug 13, 2008
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