My Dilemma- Preordered for July 14 vs. Walmart

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by adamwt28, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. adamwt28 macrumors newbie

    Feb 1, 2010
    So I didn't realize I was due for an upgrade before the initial wave of orders were spoken for. My phone has a ship date of July 14th. I was thinking about getting up early on Thursday and give Walmart a try. I'm assuming I would need to cancel my pre-order so it will not be in the system if I am lucky enough to snag one at Walmart. I kind of hate to cancel it not knowing if I can get one Thursday. Not sure what to do.
  2. nparmelee macrumors 6502

    Jan 23, 2008
    Your AT&T account won't be touched until they start processing the order. You can probably get away with checking Walmart and if it works out, still have time to cancel your order.

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