My DP 2.7 won't recognise FreeMIDI ?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Gone To Lunch, Jul 7, 2007.

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    Jul 7, 2007
    I have a problem with my DP 2.7. It fails to load, giving the message ‘There is no current FreeMIDI configuration. Please run the FreeMIDI setup program to create one’, even though there is of course a FreeMIDI configuration. I have tried the obvious re-installation, and re-creation of the FreeMIDI configuration set up, but to no avail. The hardware set up is G4 AGP 400mhz, OS 10.3, in which the DP 2.7 is installed under the OS 9.2.2 classic option. The MIDI interface itself is a Stealth Port, which effective replaces the Modem to provide an old MIDI interface on a PCI card. Synch is by a MTP AV connected to a MOTU 2408 mk 1, which also connects a Yamaha 01v mixer. It is a new set up; for the first week or so it was fine, then I started exploring the speed options in the MTP AV and DP, and then I started getting the ‘no current FreeMIDI configuration’ messages. I also have a co-writer with an identical set up, and hers has also started giving the same error message. Interestingly, unlike mine, her G4 fails to show the stealth port in the system profile, even though there seems to be MIDI traffic through the port as when creating the FreeMIDI configuration file, it has no trouble automatically detecting the MTP AV. ?
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    its been awhile since i ran 2.7/9.2.2( which is a rock solid setup btw) but i do remember getting similar error messages from time to time.

    the mtp av has to be set to the slowest speed...if i remember the 2x speed seemed to make the system unstable.

    i believe i would open up freemidi while dp was open ( and giving me the error message), open the saved setup, then close...and all would be well. might have trashed preferences too. its been a few years.

    i highly advise picking up the last 9.2.2 version of dp ( 4.7?) which was also super stable and loaded with lots of features that 2.7 lacked.

    sadly, 2 days ago i cleaned out a cabinet in my studio and trashed all of my 9.2.2 software that i could have given you( legally...)...waves, realverb, peak...and the incremental dp updates. figures...

    edit: i think the last 9.2.2 vs of dp was 3.11

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