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Discussion in 'macOS' started by mac4evan, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. mac4evan macrumors member

    Oct 24, 2006
    And now, without further ado, our runner-ups, and winners of a sparkly new Mac mini:

    Third runner up: Dan Lundmark, Blossom, with 3868 votes (11.32%)
    Second runner up: Richard Whitelock, Whistler, with 5401 votes (15.81%)
    First runner up: Kevin Capizzi, Hijack, with 6104 votes (17.86%)

    Each of our winners will receive a MacBook and 15% royalties on their applications.

    Third Place: Michael Yuan, Cookbook, with 6109 votes (17.88%)
    Second Place: Farzad Sadjadi, Portal, with 6122 votes (17.92%)
    First Place: Cameron Westland, Atmosphere, with 6566 votes (19.22%)

    I can't believe Portal of all things got second!!! I think that is a big waste of a spot for the winners. Portal is just iSysnc on steriods... I am not a big fan of Atmosphere myself but yeah, we can't all like the same thinigs huh?

    My winners would have been (in no order): Cookbook, Hijax, & Whistler
  2. Lixivial macrumors 6502a


    Jan 13, 2005
    Between cats, dogs and wanderlust.
    Thank god Cookbook didn't win. What a waste of talent, competition and design that would have been. Woz pegged it about right "When's the last time I opened a cookbook app? Ummm.... 1982?" All the people on the dev team that supported this app seemed, to me anyway, to be supporting it because it was the "more traditional app to produce."

    Atmosphere is a cool app, I guess. Hopefully they can make it into something nice. It's the only one of the finalists that I was even remotely interested in. I thought Desktop Wars -- an entry I read when the competition was first starting up -- would have been a neat idea.
  3. rogersmj macrumors 68020


    Sep 10, 2006
    Indianapolis, IN
    First of all, Cookbook won just as much as Atmosphere did, because the top three are all going to get developed. Second, I'm really tired of the hating on Cookbook. Just because you wouldn't use it doesn't make it a bad app. I personally probably would use it. And he fought hard for his place in the contest because he was very thorough with his planning and layouts and updates. Even if you don't use it, I think you have to admit that the interface, voice command while cooking, and community features of it make it a slick app. I'm looking forward to it. I would never waste my money on Atmosphere, but I can still understand why some people would like it and so I don't go around bashing it. Try to be a little objective.

    Desktop Wars, though, was not didn't get enough thought and updates, and it basically just became a simplified Command and Conquer with your desktop wallpaper in the background. We have games for game playing.

    I couldn't care less about Portal, at least as I understand it now.

    I really wanted Cookbook and Hijack; Portal or Atmosphere should have given way to such a truly useful program that doesn't have any competition (and yes I know there are other cooking apps out there, but they're not as good as Cookbook looks to be).
  4. slackersonly macrumors 6502a


    Apr 13, 2006
    you guys are a perfect example of why there is no one dream app.
    also, it has yet to be seen how these programs will be received once completed. #1 might not end up being #1.
    still, cool concept and the open discussions just helps the mac community.
  5. DXoverDY macrumors 6502a

    Apr 19, 2005
    I only voted once and it was in the finals and it was for Cookbook. Quite easily the most useful.

    I goto a lot of forums and Hijack could be useful but eh... that's going to be one hell of a hard app to make.

    Portal has no use for me... I have created my own syncing application, it will be out before Portal ever would've been created. It's clearly more for backups but that's good enough for me.

    blah blah blah... overall, I don't think any of them are really all that great. Atmosphere... retarded.. seriously. Talk about a waste of CPU resources, and this is coming from someone getting a Mac Pro... waste of CPU resources. WASTE!

  6. Lixivial macrumors 6502a


    Jan 13, 2005
    Between cats, dogs and wanderlust.
    OK. I made a mistake and misunderstood what "winning" was. It actually makes me happy to see that all three are going to be developed.

    As for the rest of it, it's all a matter of perspective and opinion. My opinion disagrees with yours, EDIT: and I never meant to imply that it was a bad app. I understand Cookbook's place in the world, and I understand why it was popular -- because, in my opinion, it was a traditional app with a traditional use. Of all the apps, Cookbook would certainly be one that I'd expect people'd spend money on in the real world because it's just that kind of app.

    The things I personally supported in MDA were more of the things that seemed somewhat non-traditional. That or things that offered Macintosh users something Windows didn't have -- whether it be a program that was non-existant on Windows or a program that enhanced and trumped a Windows version. Anyroad, I loathe Cookbook and you loathe Desktop Wars, it all balances out in the end. :)

    EDIT: I can see now why my first post was misconstrued as a nice bit of vitriol. I misphrased what I meant to say, and that is I was hoping to see more non-traditional apps; putting this dev team to work (some of whom are rather creative) on a traditional app, felt as though it'd be a bit of waste. :)

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