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Oct 2, 2011
New York City!
I love my iPhone 6 Plus, but to be honest to me it's only really less than unhandy to hold because of the awesome silicone case that's offered by Apple... it's grippy, yet not in the way, and protects the phone really well.

But the biggest plus is the way it makes it easy to grip and soft to set down (as opposed to me hearing with Spidey-senses grade hearing (maybe part imagination) the tiny micro-grit of whatever is on that surface micro-grinding my iPhone back.

Since the iPad is handled even more, and sometimes the cover seems to get in the way a bit, I've often wished for a similar iPhone 6 silicone case-ish case for the iPad. Apple doesn't sell one, but does anyone else know of a maker who does? Even if it goes more the way of a sticky grippy gel type case, I'm fine with that, but this silicone iPhone case would be awesome...

Funny, because it actually would fit nicely too... the first photo is on my iPhone 6 Plus, the other two are of it "on" the iPad as much as the small square of a case will fit... I'm convinced it'd be the most awesome case if you weren't really concerned about a cover (which I'm not).... if they weren't $35 each, I almost would buy a bunch of phone cases and cut them up to make a Frankenstein type case for the iPad...




If anyone knows of a back-only similar soft grippy case for the iPad Air 2, please let me know... I'm skeptical to get anything too import-ish because I'm sure they are just saying whatever they sold for the iPad Air 1 "fits" the iPad Air 2... I'm happy to pay for a brand name if there's something out there...
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Jun 29, 2010
I can NOT find a good shell case either and have been looking endlessly for one. I got he Luvvit and Boxwave clear shell cases but those broke and are hard cases. The only other option is to get a Smart Cover compatible shell but those have the ugly cutout for the cover to snap on.

Anybody know of anything else?


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Jul 2, 2007
San Francisco, CA
Can I see what an iPad air 2 leather shell looks like without the cutout? How do you make that work?

It pretty much looks like the photo above, but thinner. I haven't got one on-hand at the moment, they're made-to-order. I make it work by using a different plastic shell (without the cutout) inside the leather.


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Jun 18, 2014
Lancs., UK

I bought the following from Amazon...

Snugg iPad Air 2 Case - Smart Cover with Flip Stand & Lifetime Guarantee (Black Leather) for Apple iPad Air 2 (2014)

£29.99. I was really surprised by the high quality. It fits perfectly and I found the controls easily accessible - eventually! I had a bit of a problem with that at first but I think it was because it was my first iPad and I wasn't used to the controls. A lot cheaper than Apple's and it covers and protects the back, too, with the back camera working perfectly. Thoroughly recommended.
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