My DSL internet connection drops with my MB

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by mrtravel123, Jul 22, 2008.

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    Aug 9, 2007

    I have been using Qwest DSL internet for the past year and I have been very pleased with my service overall. But, for the past month I've had a problem with the internet going 100% out (for just 1 minute each time) when I'm surfing the internet or using Skype/MSN. It can happen 10x per hour... or just 1x per hour. It happens most often when I'm demanding a lot from my internet connection, such as visiting graphic intensive sites (360 degree tours, etc) OR when I'm using Skype with video/audio. It's sometimes predictable... but not always. Even if I try to recreate the 1 minute "outages" there isn't a guarantee I can recreate one of them.

    Tech support has replaced my 2wire modem 2x. They have also checked my internal and external wiring. They've also changed ports and all sorts of things in the main office. They say I'm getting perfect speeds and a clean signal. They say they've done everything they can. And, honestly, it seems like they really have tried. And, the speeds ARE good, except for when the internet light goes completely OFF... and I lose my internet for just 1 minute. It then turns back on... and the connection returns. (The DSL light and other lights remain on... or just flicker).

    My computer: I'm using a 3 month old 2.4 MB with Leopard and the basic Mac programs. I also have Skype and Adium... but not much else. No extra firewalls or anything.

    My DSL modem: I have a 2wire 2701HG-D. Built in firewall.

    Changes: I've not made any changes to my hardware or software. This problem seemed to come from nowhere. Everything was great... and then these 1 minute outages started occurring.

    Mac/Modem settings: Standard settings... using WEP.

    Other users: Just my MB (wireless connection) and very occasional use of a neighbor (wireless connection) who checks her e-mail. But, she's often gone. And, these outages DO seem to occur when it's ME online... and when I'm using the internet heavily.

    Qwest is now saying... "We can't do more for you. It must be your Mac. Sorry, we don't know what else to do for you. We remember someone else with a Mac having a similar problem once before. We did everything for him too."

    So.. I'm lost. This is really frustrating to have this new problem with no explanation. It's very frustrating when it's doing this 5 - 10x per hour especially.

    Anyone else experience this problem??? Could it be my MB?

    Thanks!!! If I can't find a solution... ????
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    Dec 9, 2007
    Doubt it is the mac, out of all my computers on my wireless network, my MBP is the most reliable one - my windoze machines keep dropping out.

    Only thing I can reccomend is to either try it using another machine (does your neighbour experience these same dropouts?), try it closer to the router, or change the channel of your router (other neighbours may have theirs set on the same one). Maybe go to a cafe with free wifi and see if your MB behaves nicely there.
  3. bashatibi macrumors newbie

    Oct 29, 2009
    Same: DSL drops suddenly for a minute several times a day.

    I am having EXACTLY the same problem with my DSL from AT&T on my iMac. It has been happening for almost a year now. We have also tried everything, and AT&T has said that the line is clear and they can't help. It is sooo frustrating. At lease 10 times a day, the green light on the router turns red causing me to get a "you are not connected to the internet" page, and I have to wait a minute or so for it to come back green. Has anybody figured out this seventh wonder of the world yet?
  4. calderone macrumors 68040


    Aug 28, 2009
    Have you ruled out the Router?

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