My estranged husband disabled my iPhone

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    My estranged husband disabled my iPhone 3gs. My Mac Mini recently died, and the only backup I have of two years of photos and videos of my daughter is on my phone. Last time he became angry and shut it off, I could still use it an iPod touch--this time, it is all blocked except to make emergency calls. Can he erase my photos and videos, or will the information still be stored on the phone? (He told me once when trying to hide texts from another woman that "with one push of a button" he could erase everything from his phone. Now I am afraid that he will do that to me.) He worked for Apple for five years and is very smart (He successfully blocked a computer professional from finding huge amounts of porn on his computer several years ago.) Are my pictures safe, or is there a chance that they will be gone forever?
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    hard to tell but if the phone says for emergency calls only then it sounds like it may have already been erased or set to factory default. I hope someone else can tell you different, thats a really ****** thing to do. good luck!
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    Yes he can delete all of the data off of that phone remotely. Sadly it seems like he may have already done that.
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    For your pics--get to someone else's computer if you need to, and download the trial version of either PhoneView for the Mac or TouchCopy for Windows. Plug the phone in and see if either of those will allow you to see the Camera Roll. If you can, it's well worth the $20 or so for the program so you can download them to your hard drive. Those programs are also VERY useful for making copies of any harassing texts or voicemails he leaves for you, and for backing up things like Contacts.

    Then, after saving what you can, I recommend wiping the phone and contacting the carrier to set up a new account in your name only, with a new number and a new SIM. Lock the phone after all that with a password he can't quickly crack, and DON'T let him get his hands on it going forward.

    A restraining order is probably also called for.

    Best of luck to you. That's a hard place to be in.

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