My exchange has a yellowish screen

Discussion in 'iPad' started by tkmcguire1, Jul 7, 2012.

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    I had a beautiful bright white iPad 3 but a few dead pixels popped up,the closest apple store is over an hr away and I use the iPad as my only computer so I couldn't send in and wait for a replacement,so this last thurs,i had a drs appt in the city where the store is at and I made a reservation they exchanged,and I looked it over quickly,but didn't notice till I got home when I could be on it longer that I noticed how off white the screen is,my daughter brought her iPad 2 next to it,BIG difference hers is a bright white and mine looks dingy next to it,I read in a few places online that it was the glue and it would disappear after time,I checked the date this was made and it was the 2nd week of Jan so this is a new not refurb,should I just deal with it or exchange it again?
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    I would make an appointment with a genius. Bring with you both iPad's and show them the difference. That way you can leave with a screen that looks good to you.
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    Some guy by the name of rkahl will soon weigh in and tell you that you are OCD and not worthy of an iPad. Seriously, it is a lottery. Exchange it until you get a good one.
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    You really need to check it out before leaving..... I was lucky scored a nice white on 2 try... Good luck on your next one.
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    Mine does too. :eek: but I'm done swapping and just keeping it and will enjoy it. :D

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