My Experience Using Itunes Match (useful?)

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    Nov 16, 2011
    I am a guy who had 50,000 + tracks in his iTunes Library. I am a Music Blogger and had accrued a lot of music over time. My library was filled with songs that the artists themselves had emailed me in zip files. The tagging was often horrendous. I had also purchased a lot of music on eMusic b/c of it's cheaper rates. That pretty much comprised my library.

    Because I wanted to try iTunes Match, I pruned my library all the way down to just under 25,000 tracks (I just removed them from the library. I did not delete them). That process took three days.

    I then started the "Match" process. I started it on a Saturday evening and the last track uploaded on Wednesday afternoon. So it took 80 hours to complete the process. I had to upload something like 8,000+ tracks.

    Here is what I have found:

    1) Overall I only had a couple dozen songs that could not be uploaded or matched b/c of bitrates or other reasons. I was relatively pleased with accuracy.

    2) I have a lot of albums that were matched with the exception of one track. Why one track? I have no idea. What this means to me is that I would not try to re-download the album to get a higher bitrate b/c then one track would sound "off" b/c it was uploaded rather than matched.

    3) Over my Wifi at work it takes roughly 15 minutes to DL a 16 track album from the Cloud. I saw in another post a good way to get faster speeds to reset the network settings on the Ipad.

    4) Metadata does not transfer well. I played an album one time on my Iphone. I came back and on Itunes I said it played 9 times. Ummmm. More often than not the Cloud does not sync play counts at all or at best inconsistent. Track ratings do appear to show up for me.

    5) Ipod program on Ipad is SLOW. I think because I have so much music in the Cloud, it just bogs down the program. I have had to restart the program more than a few times.

    6) As you listen to a song on your iPhone or iPad and rate the track, you can see it sync to the Cloud. So it updates your track rating as you make it. This would be great if it update plays the same way.

    7) This is going to effect battery life adversely. My iPad drains quicker because as soon as I bring up the iPod app it starts to sync. It is constantly syncing. I have to charge nightly now when before maybe a day and a half with modest use.

    8) As I said previously, I chopped my library in half to get to 25,000. What happens when I go back over that limit? All these free mixtapes artists send me may have to be played in places other than iTunes. I will find out soon and let you all know.

    Overall: It's ok. It's not great, but not a fail either. The fact my music is always at my fingertips is a good feeling but that has come with great sacrifice.

    Questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome!
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    Nov 7, 2009
    Can you not just choose to match checked songs only like you can choose to sync checked songs only to an iOS device?
  3. Mal macrumors 603


    Jan 6, 2002
    Nope. iTunes Match doesn't offer any customization of that sort.

    OP, you can create an additional library and put all your music in it, and not enable iTunes Match with that library (so far as I know). That way you can have everything available without matching it all.


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