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    My Experience with AT&T (My AT&T Horror story)
    A true story experienced by Krystal ***** of Grand Rapids, Mi

    I am taking a personal stand against AT&T and making sure that as many people as possible hear about the experience that I have had with them.

    Let me note from the beginning that I never actually signed up with AT&T, but was sucked up by them when they bought out Cingular, as they did to so many good companies. I went along with this, even the increased rates and stupidly resigned for a 2 year contract in order to upgrade to a new phone and pay less than $350 for it (which was a Razor). I went through 4 of these phones, (which all, after less than 2 months, became unusable due to either keys not working, the ear piece not working, or the part you speak into not working). I then was forced to buy a new phone because I had used my number of insurance returns-even though I paid for monthly insurance for this reason.

    My new phone, the Blackjack 2 seemed to work good for about 6 months when my battery/charger stopped working. I called customer service and was shuffled around until eventually 2 months later I could charge my phone without tinfoil and toothpicks.

    I should have been smart enough to quit then, but no, right around the time that my contract was up they conveniently started a promo to sell Iphones for $100. Being naive and too forgiving I happily signed right back up for 2 more years. All seemed well in cell phone land for awhile (minus the $100 a month I was paying for my bill).

    That brings me to about 4 months ago. My roommate wanted to get an Iphone and thinking we could both cut our bills I put her on my plan, which means we RESIGNED for another 2 years. Fine, whatever, I will keep paying this unbelievable amount per month because I now can’t imagine my life without my precious Iphone. So I agree to keep paying for SERVICE.

    This is where it gets interesting. About a month ago I moved from one suburb of Grand Rapids to another. I did not move to a small town or into a cave, I actually moved into a more populated area. Of course when I was looking at apartments I didn’t think to check my cell phone service, the price of rent and location, for some reason, seemed to be more important. So I find my new cozy apartment, right off of 44th street (a main vein in the circulatory system that is Grand Rapids).

    Right after I moved I noticed I wasn’t receiving calls or text in my apartment. It didn’t take long to figure out that even though my phone showed 1 or 2 bars it wasn’t enough to actually make my phone work. So I called up ATT’s trusty customer service and explained my problem. I was told there was a tower down nearby and the issue should be resolved in 1 week. 1 week later…. no service. So I call ATT and tell them again. “Oh that tower still seems to be down, so wait one more week”. Fine… but now I’m getting a little annoyed. One more week later and still no service so I call back. “Oh were sorry, it looks like your apartment complex and ½ a mile in each direction around you doesn’t seem to have that great of coverage, even though there are 3 towers within 5 miles of your home”. But just in case I wasn’t irritated enough they ran me through 3 phone calls more of technical support to try and fix my phone (which was extra fun due to the fact that most of the calls were dropped, when they would even connect at all.) So ATT comes to the conclusion that since my phone isn’t working I will need to call them from my roommates phone (who was now on my plan remember?) from our home who also doesn’t get any service. And in case we couldn’t get a hold of them, they would try calling us back. Since we obviously couldn’t get a hold of them, they tried calling us which I received the voicemail for one day later. I then received a text message saying that since I wouldn’t call them back, and since I didn’t answer when they called, they were canceling the complaint. THANKS ATT for your help.

    So now that I’m thoroughly ticked and I drive down the road to be able to use my cell phone that I am paying a combined $210/month for. After 4 transfers of arguing with customer service about paying half of my rent for cell phone SERVICE I’m not even receiving I finally get to talk to the nicest, most polite MANAGER I’ve ever had the privilege to talk to. She explained to me that since I signed the contract when I was living in a different location, there is nothing that they can do. Never mind the fact that the map of coverage on their website shows full coverage in my area.

    So we get into a discussion that since I signed a two year contract for SERVICE (apparently my definition of service is far different than ATT’s, I actually think I should be able to use the service I am paying for) I will have to pay a hefty cancelation fee to cancel the service I am not getting. By the way my boyfriend’s cell phone (Verizon) and my roommate’s cell phone (Sprint) both have full service in and around my apartment. When I explained to her that I moved to another highly populated area and did not anticipate this and I did not want to pay the fee she told me that my other option would be to get a Microcell- a device that will boost the service I am not getting for a one time small fee of $75! Oh and then I would get to pay an extra $20 a month to use that service. When I tell her I refuse to pay more that $220 a month for something they should be providing me with anyways she says so nicely “I don’t know how long you’ve been using a cell phone for, but they usually don’t work in houses”. (Well thanks for that, you can look right at your screen and see that I have been a customer forever). Ok so you are telling me that when I am standing in the backyard I should be able to use it? “Well not necessarily, if there are trees and buildings around you still might not get service”. So you are telling me that most people can’t use their phone in or around cities yet once you get out of the city there is no service anyways? Wait, Wait, Wait, so I need to be standing on a hill in an open field directly next to a cell phone tower to have my cell phone work? “I’m sorry I couldn’t resolve your issue (even though she didn’t try) but I will give you a $20 credit (gee thanks, my bill is $220) for the issues you have been having (in the sweetest “I hope you die” voice I have ever heard).

    Well it’s sad to say but the $20 would have shut me up had it ended there (I was planning on just cancelling my service at the end of the month when my roommate and myself both had time to find another phone service provider). But sadly no, I fell into another ATT trap (I at this point am thinking I like to be abused?). My roommate and I need to set up Wi-Fi in our apartment and of course the cheapest plan with the best options is……duuun duun duun daaaaaaahhhhh…… ATT!!!! When I call the customer service to talk about the rates and plans I am told that there are two choices for modems, a cheaper one for $50 with a $75 gift card or a $85 one with a $100 gift card. The more expensive one will “obviously” work better and since I am getting the rebate it’s free anyways! Oh and it will only be $14.95 a month for the service. This sounds great, I say….Sign me up, but hey, I would rather have that $100 go to my phone bill is that ok? “Sure, no problem, *click click click* there you go, your all set, it’s on your account!” ATT then informs me that I should be receiving my modem in one week and since all packages go to the office, I check the office after a week and then for the next 3 days. Still no package. So I call up good old’ ATT and tell them I still haven’t received it. Come to find out that…hmmm this is weird…. They can’t seem to find my account. After about 4 transfers and 40 minuets plus 1 dropped call and call back “Oh wait here it is… the person who set up your account seemed to have set it up for your apartment complex’s office”. “Since it’s not the right address we will have to cancel your whole account and start from scratch which means you will have to wait another week for your service to be activated”. “Oh and just to be sure, what price were you quoted for the service so that I can make sure it’s right on your account?” $14.95 I say. Also can you check for me to make sure that I am receiving the $100 credit on my account, I want to make sure it didn’t get lost in this mix up. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what the last person told you but we can’t even access you phone bill and it takes us up to 90 days to join your phone account with your internet account” Sweet I’m glad I was lied to. Can you make sure that I receive the $100 gift card then? She so politely says “Sure no problem” which I can now translate to “don’t hold your breath”.

    Cool, I’m super happy at this point, especially since my phone doesn’t work and the internet was going to be my only outside connection to the world. So I wait another week and finally my internet is working and all is happy in internet land.

    4 days later…..
    I receive my welcome letter to ATT internet usage. It says Welcome! We are glad you joined us and signed up for our $35.95 (remember I signed up for $14.95) a month service! (We love to suck the life right out of our customers, and we will rob you for every last dime you have)… it’s in the fine print you just have to look close enough.

    I call for 2 days and get transferred and transferred, no one can help, and put on hold, at which point my phone decides after a good 40 min to drop my call. By this point I am so incredibly happy that I turn a nice shade of red and drive over to my local friendly ATT store. I finally get to talk to a representative after he has a great 12 min conversation about where he is moving to with the gentleman in front of me. I explain to him the situation about the internet, and oh, while I’m here I want my cell phone service to work and I’m not paying another dime. Well, he explains, “the stores actually can’t access the internet service, only phone service, but I will call them right now for you”. So I wait while they call, to find out that the internet service office is closed and there is nothing that they can do right now. But he will take my name and have his manager handle it in the morning and call me. As for the cell phone, he has seen customers with the same problems call and they give them a microcell for free! Great I said, I will try that… I pay $220 a month, they should want to keep me as a customer and give me a Microcell right?

    Wrong. The first person I talk to tells me that they only gave them away free to a random drawing of people (which I was not one of). The second lady tells me that they never gave them away and that I can buy one for $150 (not even the same price as last time) and since I have internet already I won’t have to pay the monthly fee. The third lady tells me that you can’t even get Microcells over the phone you have to go into the stores. These are also all phone calls which were dropped, hard to hear and relatively rude.

    So I decide to wait for the manager of the store to call me back first thing the next day like I was promised. Was I surprised when he didn’t call? Honestly, I was a little. Why? I couldn’t even tell you.

    The next afternoon I drive back over to the local friendly ATT store and as soon as I march in (in the prettiest shade of fuchsia I might add), the representative who had told me a manager will call me, sees me, leaves the person he is talking to and goes into the back to get the manager. The manager Mike, who I am now on a first name basis with comes out and apologizes for not calling me. There was a miscommunication, he tells the representatives to say he will call in 48 hours. Also he called and tried to fix my account and there is nothing he can do for the internet. I explain to him that I won’t be keeping the service; I will be canceling it in the first 30 days as well as canceling my phone if things don’t get fixed now.

    As for the Microcell he can’t give one away but he will put $150 on my cell phone account to make up for it. Even if I don’t buy one “ATT at least owes me this much”. Also since he can’t fix the internet service he will personally add the difference to my cell phone bill each month (as long as I send him an email). He is personally taking responsibility and will help as much as he can. (I do have to say that out of everything; at least he actually tried to help). Thank you for your help Mike, and here is my advice to you… Bail out of this sinking ship before you are completely consumed by this horrible company.

    Since I still wanted my internet account fixed and the $100 I was promised for buying an $85 modem, I called back again. After another hour and 6 transfers I was finally able to find someone who told me “my account should be all set”. Meaning when my bill generates on the first of October it should be $14.95. Am I hopeful? No….I’m learning. But what about my $100? Well we don’t give the $14.95 deal with the $100, (so basically I’m lying). “The only thing we can do is listen to the (so called) recorded calls”. Actually, that is a great idea, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that, I would love for you to listen to all of these calls, and then I want everything I was promised. I was quickly transferred to a manager who told me she would send me a $75 gift card (that’s the most they can give according to her). Uh, no I don’t think so, that doesn’t even cover the cost of the modem. “Oh and I can send you a $25 gift card too”. “All I have to do is sign online to my account and accept the offers and I have to do it within 30 days”. Great, thanks. I will do that right after I get of the phone. “Ok, I’m glad I could help…*click*”.

    So I sign online to my account and son of a ***** I can’t accept the offers until I get my first bill after the 30 days.

    That brings us to 2 days ago. I received a text message from ATT asking me about my recent service with Mike. On a scale of 1-5 how was my experience with Mike? I gave him a 4, he did the best that he could with the crappy company he works for. And on a scale of 1-5 would I recommend anyone to use ATT. That got a -10. Then I received another text asking to explain why I gave ATT a -10. I explained as best I could through a text why I wished ATT would rot in hell.

    Within a few hours I received a call from Kalamazoo, Mi. It was a regional representative from ATT, Andrea, and she left me a voicemail that she was very concerned about my issue and wanted to try and help (she had to leave a voicemail because my phone never actually rang, weird, I know right?) She was so concerned that when I called her back and left a voicemail, then called back 2 more times that she still hasn’t returned my call.

    That leads me to this letter/warning to the general public/venting session. I literally do not know what else to do. I will be posting this on every website I can find including but not limited to Craigslist (many different cities) Facebook (millions are connected), Twitter (I don’t have an account but will be making one for this), and any blog I can find. I will also be trying to contact the better business bureau, (I really am that desperate for help) even though I’m not even sure what they are.

    So if anyone has any suggestions or would like to vent along with me feel free. If somehow this makes it to someone high up in ATT, I really hope you can take this and learn something about your company (and I honestly hope it is too late by then, and I’m not a very negative person, so that means a lot). Mostly though, I want to keep people from getting sucked into the enormous web of lies, deception, rip offs and crappy customer service that makes up ATT. Trust me you will be much better off getting an IPod touch and actually having a cell phone that works, save hours of your life on the phone with ATT, and paying less that $220 a month for service that you may or may not receive, depending on the trees around you, the way the ducks are flying and the amount of Iron in your dirt.

    Long live Verizon and Sprint
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    At the iPhone hacks section.
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    Wow, what an aweful experiance. I hope it all gets resolved. I'm thinking about getting an iPhone but this post has made me second guess myself.
  4. macrazee macrumors regular

    Jan 4, 2009
    LOL @ Verizon. :D :D :D

    If you think AT&T has billing issues you ain't seen NOTHING yet. Trust me. :D
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    I'll take a stab:
    Must be a female
    Must be blonde
    Must throw your phones in your purses and wonder why your keys won't work.
    You don't take care of your stuff. simple. Nobody made you sign a contract. Your experience is 1 of thousands lady. Get over yourself.
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    T-Mobile...T-Mobile, if i have any problems with them they are quick to resolve the issue, and i have had only two issues a billing which was corrected and one of my phones broke and they sent me a new one A NEW ONE not a refurb. oh and i have ATT yes they do sucK the life out of you and do it with a smile.... good luck.
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    ^THIS. Absolutely, positively, EXACTLY what I was thinking while reading that mess.

    I feel bad that you've had such a bad experience, but the first red flag while reading this tome was when you mentioned that you went through 4 Razrs in the course of, what? 6-8 months??? How in the heck did you manage that??? Compared to the iPhone, Razrs are built like a tank. I, too, have had 2 or 3 of them, but that's over the course of about 3 years and 2 contracts!

    I'm normally not a sexist, but Jesus can't just throw your cell phone in your purse, drop it constantly, sit on it, etc, and expect it to keep working. And you certainly can't blame AT&T for the damage you OBVIOUSLY do to them.

    Get out now while you have the chance. Go to Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, a tin can and string...but please, just get away from AT&T!


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