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    Recently I bought an unlocked iPhone 4 32GB from the UK Apple Store and had it shipped to Germany using Borderlinx. I thought to share the experience.

    Comes without saying that before trusting the service I did my best to search information online in regards to this post forwarding service.

    I did find some few info, but most of them went back to the product release period when they had many unhappy customers experiencing delays.

    Well I personally have been quite satisfied. I think the most stressful moment is when you can see that your item has been shipped to your Borderlinx address but you can't yet see it present in your account - you really wonder where in limbo is your pricey item, if all of it was a scam!

    Then about one day after delivery you see it in your account and can have it shipped. Here can happen further delays - I had to wait about a day and a half from the moment in which I asked to have it shipped to the moment in which they shipped it. Be prepared to that, even if their site (and customer service) tells you that they ship on the same day of your request.

    The parcel has then been shipped with DHL Express, meaning *very* fast delivery: sent on a Thursday evening from UK and received on Friday afternoon in Germany. Impressed!

    Price? On top of the standard phone price (599£) Borderlinx asked me for a fee of 33£. I think that is more than fair considering the delivery method.

    Also, it's better to get it this way than from an eBay or shop seller because getting from Apple you are sure you get a recently manufactured iPhone (mine week 42).

    Perhaps I have been lucky. What if my phone would have been lost? It seems their official policy doesn't cover the full price if e.g. the phone is lost. But then again their Customer Service told they would indeed refund the whole thing in case. What if I had my order messed up? What if my phone was faulty?

    Bottom line, I am happy I went this way and can recommend it, although if I were able to get it directly from a UK store or via a friend living in the UK I guess I'd save all the forwarding stress : )
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    has anybody any experience with this ?

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    I also experienced the same treatment. I resolved to using Viabox which is by far cheaper and faster.

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