My First Apple Store Repair Experience...

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by DeusInvictus7, Feb 28, 2009.

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    Hey guys, I just went through my first Apple Store repair, and I thought I would share it with you guys on here.

    Alright, so to start from the beginning and give a bit of background of the problem, about a couple months ago, I started noticing that my MagSafe adapter led would randomly turn off...odd I thought to myself, so I tried unplugging it and plugging it back it, but when I did that, the light still did not come on and the menu bar was saying that my battery was not charging. That was the first time I saw that, and over a couple more weeks, it started happening a lot more frequently.

    So I decided to call Apple even though my 90 day phone support has expired (haven't bought AppleCare yet) and told them what was going on, and all they told me to do was try taking out the battery and putting it back in, basic stuff...and then he told me to do a SMC reset. That worked for about an hour, and yet again, the light turned off and it stopped charging.

    After that I decide to make time and make the hour drive to the closest Apple Store to see if they could do anything. When I pulled out my MacBook for the genius, he tried a couple different chargers, including mine, and all of them worked! Luckily, he was nice enough and still wanted to help, so he went to the back room to grab me a replacement one. After a couple minutes, he comes back and tells me that they do not have any replacement chargers, does something on his macbook pro and then tells me to hold on again. This time, he comes back with a retail charger that he pulled right off the shelf. Cool, brand new charger. He tells me to see if that fixes the problem and to let them know if anything else goes wrong. Awesome...not really.

    While the new charger seemed to work for about a couple days, it stopped working again after that, and the problem got worse. Pretty much every time I plugged my macbook in, it wouldn't charge. It was getting enough current to keep the computer from draining the battery, but it did not actually charge it. So I wait it out another week or so since I could not get time off work to make another drive down to the Apple store.

    Last Saturday, I made time, and go to the Apple Store again. This time, they concluded that it was a logic board problem, and were going to replace it. They didn't have any of the part in stock, so they ordered it in for me, and told me it was going to be a week before it would come in. I took my computer home with me and waited for the call. On Wednesday, they give me a call and say that my new logic board is in and they just need to have me drop off my computer. Sweet, ahead of schedule, especially for ordering the part on a Saturday. Ok, so Thursday was my day off, so I went back and gave them my computer, and they told me it would be 2-3 days for the repair. Alright, sucks to be without of a computer, but it had to be done...

    That was about 5PM, and maybe 3.5 hours later, I get a call from Apple, and they say my computer is done and ready for pick up. AWESOME! Very speedy repair by Apple! But, I had work the next day, so I couldn't come in until Saturday. So I asked my dad if he would be able to make the drive and pick it up for me. All day at work I was anxiously waiting to see if my computer was back in the condition I was expecting.

    I hate this part :rolleyes:. When I get picked up from work, my dad tells me that the genius "mistakenly called me yesterday because they accidentally put my computer on the 'ready to be picked up' shelf instead of the repair shelf." At that point I wasn't even mad, but I was like, "wow, what idiots!" :p I ask my dad how long they said it would take, and he said a week! WHAT!?!?!? How did it get from 2-3 days to a week I thought to myself.

    So I get home, and play a bit of Killzone 2 :D, and as I open the door to my room to finally go to macbook is sitting right on my bed. AAHHH!!!! I hate when my dad does stuff like that!

    Anyway, everything was in working order, and my charger/Magsafe port works according to spec. There was one thing that worried me though...when I first turned it on, it was WAY sluggish, and a lot of settings were off, like the time and date setting was set to 2001...weird. Everything is sorted out now though, I guess it just had to "warm-up" and break itself in....

    Overall, great first experience. I was very hesitant to get my computer repaired by someone else, since I am usually the one doing it (11 years of building and fixing my own computers), or my dad. But this assured me of Apple's customer service and speedy turn around. Thanks Apple :D
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    And Killzone 2....:D Best PS3 shooter. Ever.
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    Nice to hear that everything went well.

    Killzone 2 is awesome man. Worth the $60 and it seems like it's the year of PS3. :D
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    Good to hear that you got your computer fixed.

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