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Sep 4, 2002
North Andover
Finally! on saturday (nov 16th) I picked up my first mac, Powerbook 1Ghz w/ superdrive!

Is their any clear covers i can put on the screen to keep away fingerprints and dust?

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Congrats. I envy you (well...not really)

For fingerprints on the outside ;)
The cheapest way (happens to be free) is to use the bag that it was packaged in. Not as elegant, but it works.

For fingerprints on the screen. :)
What you was asking for. An interesting solution I thought was the iSkin...lemme look for a link.

Ah. Here it is.. You don't need to remove it from your keybaord when you type, a big plus. And you can't see it on the screen!

I know this isn't what you were looking for, but its the only solution to the marks on the screen that I know of thats elegant, unless you buy a leather thingy.

Or the cheap, free way is to have a sheet of notebook paper between the keyboard and screen. That works just fine ;)

Hope this was helpful...

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Originally posted by AssassinOfGates
I thought those weren't shipping yet. Where'd u get yours?

Congrats on being a mac user. /me remembers when he got his first Mac LC
They aren't shipping for those of us (me included) that bought from the online apple store. However the actual retail stores are having them trickle in...:(
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