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    May 27, 2005
    Letter to the Editor, Christian Science Monitor

    In response to the Oct. 19 article, "Video iPod faced with fuzzy future": From the perspective of an iPod user watching the product line grow, the new video iPod is an improvement. The iPod has come a long ways since it had a black and white screen.

    When people borrow my Sony T-1 digital camera, they marvel at the screen, a 2.5 inch, like most MP3 players(I had originally said cameras, they edited it wrong!), and this seems to be the perfect size for a pocket media experience.

    About the video functions, they are like ice cream on top of a piece of pie. The ability of people to catch up on their shows on the same device they use to listen to music all day is definitely a bonus.

    When will it all come together, is really the question major media outlets should be asking. Once the soap operas jump in, and the rest of the major networks, and then the cable networks and TiVo, then Apple stock prices will hike.

    When the iPod first came out, there was no iTunes store. Now the first video-capable iPod has a tiny store. And since the new iMac can play movies and recorded shows just like a TV, too, more content is really the key. And I have no doubt that Steve Jobs has been working on that since he approved the video iPod concept. I'd bet my G5 tower on it.
    Scott Adair
    Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

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