My first week with iOS and away from Android


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May 15, 2012
Having been with Android for the last 3 years I was pretty apprehensive about the change but I felt that it was a change that I needed to make.

What I miss:

It's not really as much as I thought but there are sme things that I do miss about Android.

1) Swiftkey (or any keyboard replacement). I wasn't a big fan of Swype but used Swiftkey extensively. I really miss being able to type entire text messages without typing out a single work. I hope iOS 5 allows us to change the keyboard.

2) Widgets. Although I don't miss them as much as I though, I still wish I had them, especially the toggles (wi-fi, bluetooth, etc). I do like the weather widget in the notifications bar though.

3) Screen size. Coming from the Razr (which was too big IMO), it was a big adjustment. I'd rather have the smallish iPhone though over the Rzar behometh.

4) Google navigation. I am going to have to buy a good nav app but I'm still doing some research on whch one I should get.

5) Free apps. It seems like there are more ad-based free apps (that I am interested in) for Android. Most of the good ones for iOS cost money. I guess I'll be picking up some iTunes cards.

What I like:

1) The display quality. I am loving the Retina display. It definitely helps overcome the screen size. What a beatiful display!

2) Apps. This is a biggie for me. It's not the total amoutof apps but the quality of the apps. There are simply better apps available for iOS. Even the ones that I had in Android are better in iOS.

3) The camera. Nothing else needs to be said. Nothing comes close.

4) The iOS ecosystem. Again, there isn't much else to say here. There are simply more third party accessories that one could ever need or use. There is something for every taste, style and need.

5) Size. It fits great in my pocket and in my hand.

6) Build quality. It's a very solid, well built piece of electronics.

As you can probably tell, I'm really liking the 4s. Siri is a gimmick and aside from playing around with it, I don't see myself using it much. I got myself an Ottorbox Communter which I really like.

I got the 32GB 4s on eBay for only $400. It was graded a "B" by the seller ( but if it's a "B", an "A" has to be brand new. I still can't find a mark anywhere on the phone. Even the water sensor is intact. It's in such good shape that Verizon allowed me to add their insurance to it after they took a look at it. I've always had insurance on all of our phones and used that as my reasoning for them to allow it. So if it craps out tomorrow, I'm covered.

As I get more time with it I'm sure to find even more reasons to like it. I'm most likely going to Jailbreak after the new methods have been out for a while and the wrinkles ironed out. I never even attempted to Root my Androids because I was afraid of bricking them, but for some reason I just feel comfortable Jailbreaking my iphone.

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Aug 29, 2006
Washington DC
Well, welcome.

Someone will come in here soon with a 'cool story bro' kind of post, but just ignore them. Most of us are pretty nice. Just don't make a post asking why there's only one speaker on the bottom of the phone and you'll be fine.

(Yes, I know that makes no sense. Just trust me.)


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Nov 21, 2011
Welcome to paradise! I also switched to the iPhone 4s after 4 years of pure torture and denial... I really don't know why I waited so long. All I want is a 4" screen and Im a happy camper... if I don't get it with the next iPhone so beat it... Android with all his openness doesn't come close to iOS.


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Apr 17, 2010
If you're interested in jail breaking it will allow you to regain those toggles. I can't stand not having toggles. I'm constantly in and out of wifi zones. I jailbreak and use ncsettings + lockinfo to get some slick, always there toggles.

You're right about the apps. Nothing comes close. Android has some cool stuff but the quality found in the apple app store is second to none. Not that there isn't a lot of useless ones too, but it's worth sifting through.


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Apr 7, 2007
Cleveland, OH
Glad to hear you like the phone. iOS definitely does somethings very well. :)

I would recommend using MotionX GPS Drive for navigation. It is on sale, 60% off, for $9.99/year. It's an amazing application and I haven't even looked at other apps for my GPS needs for a couple years now. There might be some other good ones out there but I have never had a need for another.


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Aug 1, 2009
Welcome aboard! I use iOS and Android (Sammy GS2) and love both platforms.

As for Navigation, try Mapquest and Waze. Both are free and work pretty good.


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Mar 3, 2008
If you do jb, make sure to save your blobs (use tiny umbrella) and only erase your phone via itunes.
Resetting through your phone is a bad idea and will screw your phone until you can dfu it.
FYI, it is nearly impossible to brick your phone through software (if it's fixable, you didn't brick your phone), so please avoid using that word and sounding like a clueless newbie.

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