My foray with Apple Tech support, Powerbook G4

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Papajohn56, Jun 22, 2007.

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    Aug 13, 2005
    Well, as most of you know, there is a repair extension program for bad RAM slots on the 1.67GHz Powerbooks. My computer, after 2 years, ceased recognizing half of my RAM. I am still under AppleCare, so I began my tech support journey, along with a cosmetic replacement of the top case due to tarnishing. Well, four times of sending it in later, the RAM issue is still not resolved, as Apple is saying the issue cannot be replicated, and the motherboard was replaced once. The RAM has been RMA'd, and it is good (verified). Now they are refusing to do anything, since it isn't being reproduced. Why is this a big deal?
    "Important: These symptoms may only occur intermittently."

    Here's the chain of events (as I copied from an email I sent):

    Case 1: Computer sent to Apple for repair to fix RAM issue, and replace top case due to tarnishing. Computer was sent back, and neither issue was fixed. Tech support was called up, and they told me to send it in again.

    Case 2: Computer sent in again. This time, the top case was replaced, but nothing was done to resolve the RAM issue. Computer was sent back with a new top case, but still refusing to recognize the additional RAM. As a result, I made sure to get the RAM replaced under an RMA from Viking. New ram was sent to me, so the RAM is brand new and good, and I tried it out. It still would not work. Apple was called.

    Case 3: Computer sent in for the third time. Repair depot saying issue could not be duplicated, but logic board was replaced anyway. Computer sent back to me. Now, the OTHER slot was not being recognized. At first it was the lower slot, now it is the upper slot. Called Apple.

    Case 4: Computer sent in for the fourth time. I checked repair status online, and it said "On Hold - Need information". So I call support, and they say that the issue can not be reproduced. I ask to speak to a product specialist, and this was no help. He told me that they would send it back without being repaired, and that I would either have to spend $150 to buy new RAM (even though this appears to be a logic board issue and new RAM isn't guaranteed to fix the issue), and to take it to a local support location and work with them on it. Now this is very difficult for me, since there are no stores or locations nearby that do Apple certified repairs, since I am in a rural area. The nearest Apple Store is almost four hours away.

    I went to product specialists, and one told me there is no higher I can go to resolve this. So, I'm fed up. After searching these forums, I found the idea of emailing Mr. Jobs himself, and I did so (awaiting response, if I even get one). I will post the email I sent in another post, so this one doesn't get too long...

    Anyone else having this experience? ugh.
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    Jun 7, 2007
    Sorry for your bad luck with Applecare.:( I've had no problems with my MBP so far, and hopefully Apple doesn't treat me this way if I do have problems. It seems everyone has this problem with "proving" that it isn't intermittent.

    All in all, Apple is a company and companies like making money anyway possible -- even when it's reneging on it's previous promises that Applecare will take care of your computer.

    I would try to record as many logs as possible about RAM errors that occur, or snapshots of Activity monitor or iStat and send them in with your laptop again.

    Best of luck.
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    Aug 13, 2005
    Well not just 5 minutes ago, Apple provides me with the shock of the century with a personal call from Steve Jobs' office. I was asleep, and see a number from an odd area code, I pick up, and needless to say that was a good wakeup call. Everything seems to be taken care of now, and they did say if anything else went wrong who to call. I'm not going to discuss what they did, because as I've seen other people in other threads say, I'd like to keep the amount of emails to Steve down, so that the real ones get noticed.

    Once again, Apple proves they have the best support ever. :)
  4. PDE macrumors 68020

    Nov 16, 2005
    No need to tell us what they did - we all know already! :) Congratulations and good luck...
  5. killerrobot macrumors 68020


    Jun 7, 2007
    Holy gremlins Batman!! And people where making fun of the guy throwing around SJ e-mail in the other threads. That's awesome. Congrats.
  6. Papajohn56 thread starter macrumors 6502

    Aug 13, 2005
    I was fairly stunned, but it really should only be used in times when tech support is causing problems as well, like me having to send it back four times. I really was not ready to send it in a fifth time, so I did that. It worked, and I can say their executive relations people are great :)
  7. mustard macrumors 6502a


    Dec 28, 2005
    I had a similar issue with my RevA MBP - I was on my fourth Logic Board Replacement (three separate instances - the last time the first board was DOA) after the fourth Logic Board I had no wireless and up going back for a 4th major repair and they then finally just swapped it because the thing just kept killing Logic Boards.

    They swapped it with a new LCD Backlight MBP - it probably helped that I was patient but firm.

    Best of luck though.

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