My four rants for today

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by GoCubsGo, Jan 26, 2007.

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    I take every other Friday off work and it seems that if I jot down all of the things that have gone on during each of these days that I have had off it would make a nice country-western song. At any rate, today I ran into problems yet again. Simple sort of who cares problems but now I have 4 rants and I figured i'd share since two of them apply to the mac community imho.

    #1 I went to buy Quickbooks Pro 2007. I noticed that they offered a pretty unrestricted copy for $99 at I thought GREAT! I found the Mac version and NO discount! I called just in case that was a mistake and nada. I called the people there who make Quickbooks and they said no dice on the discount. I thought nice. I find it funny of course that they discount the Windows version when you can find that anywhere through channels no business person should use for applications like this...but hey who am I? So yeah, $199 for Quickbooks for the Mac people or $180 if you buy directly from them. First they F up Quicken and now this!

    #2 Someone told me to try out music downloads. I figured ok on a whim and they gave me a $5.00 gift card to try them out. I went to the site today and was advised my OS is out of date...they did offer some friendly advice though.
    FYI people, I am running Tiger 10.4.8 on my PowerBook G4. Hopefully my install of 2000 or XP goes well.

    Non-Mac Rants
    #3 So today I finally had the chance to see an old friend who was in great need of my help. I arranged a lunch and gave her three choices to meet at. She picked the one place that I was actually very interested in trying. After getting up, taking a walk, cleaning up the house a bit, taking a shower, getting a pedicure, opening a new bank account, dealing with some small fires at work I rushed to the meeting place. This place was found online via MapQuest and Yahoo Yellow Pages (Mapquest found restaurants in the area). I drove about 20 miles to see her got to the location and drove around for 45 minutes in the same parking lot. Turns out the restaurant doesn't exist anymore. Their site is down, phone numbers disconnected, nothing. I found it odd since the shopping center has only been there a year and they're gone already. They obviously didn't have great food since they're smack dab in the center of Irvine businesses. My rant is if you no longer exist don't you think there should be some due diligence by the yellow pages to maybe put a feeler out and make sure the numbers are good? A rant not worth ranting about but we missed our window to have lunch and now we gotta try and get together in a few weeks. Nice.

    #4 I went to open a new business account today. I called the bank to ask about their products. I was told they can set me up on the phone and then I can go to the branch to process the paperwork. It's faster they said. I told them it was ok I would go into the branch the old fashioned way. They convinced me to do it so I did. Turns out that what I could have gotten done today had I not taken their odd advice is not going to get done until Monday at the earliest. I am a doer not a talker abouter...I find it silly to have to wait 4 days to do something that could have been taken care of today. Word to the wise, don't call...just go!

    Of course my day didn't suck it was just a challenge in more ways than I listed. I was ok at 5:30 p.m. when I sat down with my half panini and side salad...there is something so lovely about the Corner Bakery.
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    Texas, unfortunately.
    I tried that too. REALLY ticked me off. Hope you have a better Friday next week.
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    USA! USA!
    1) Quickbooks sucks in any shape or form. Write something in Filemaker. I did. They discount the PC version because they sell a gazillion copies of it. They probably grumble about having to port it to mac because they don't make much for the effort. The mac version is not entirely compatible with the PC version your accountant is using, despite what they claim. It's best to just run the windoze version under parallels or whatever, if you must use QB.

    2) Don't shop at Walmart. Nuff said.

    3) The yellow pages is a business, not a service. Unless there is a dollar incentive for them to do the right thing, they won't. Try putting an ad in there and you'll see what I mean. Sell, sell, sell. It's even worse if you try to remove the ad a year later. You thought trying to quit AOL was bad...

    4) Custom service rarely has a clue.

    On the bright side, Confucius say: everyday, no matter how long, has an end.

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