My friend needs help picking the right job

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by jc0481, Jan 28, 2008.

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    My friend Jason from Pennsylvania. He got hired on from two different companies. The first one is with Sorenco Laboratories it pays well at 12 an hour with overtime working either 10-12 hours everyday with most Saturdays working. It is a production job mostly they make vitamins there and liquids like Xango. He will be working inside riding a powered pallet jack going from different production lines taking back shipments from there to the shipping department and giving supplies to the production line. Helping out the shipper guy when he can. He told me its a fast paced environment always busy. The warehouse manager is young he thinks he is 29 or 30 years old. In the interview he told me that the manager does not have any problem letting people go and gave an example of a "wheely" being left out outside that person can get fired. The manager told him 2 weeks tops to learn the job. He told me its noisy cause of the production machines but not uncomfortable noisy just noisy. The manager told him he wants to have a small group of dedicated hard working people that can work independently with little supervision (of course every job is like that) The boss is upfront honest and blunt but the manager said he can work with people that are trying and still making some mistakes. He sure can use the money though from this job he told me to pay off debt he has. By the way he is married and can use the money to get rid of debt faster.

    The second offer is with Industrial Supply. They provide supplies to all different types of business mostly construction, landscaping you know industrial. It pays less at $10 an hour. He told me its more laid back there not as high strung as the other job. M-F with working every 3rd Saturday but that's a maybe. He will be a transporter moving different orders between 5 buildings on a forklift. They told him it can be a long term company. The same kind of benefits as the other company. He saw the warehouse and they were playing music, people were cracking jokes but also doing their jobs. It has growth potential in that company too. The debt issue is not that big of a deal to him. He just does not want to make the wrong decision. He is afraid of being fired from that first job though. He has some self-esteem issues with that. Yes he is a talker and I did not know what to tell him. What job should he pick?? His gut instinct is to go with the the second job. I dont know what to tell him. Yeah its a long spill.
    He is a good friend and don't know what to tell him. :confused: So hopefully someone can help. Thanks
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    Your gut instinct is almost always the right one.
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    If he's married, how can he support his family even with $12/ hour? :confused:
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    He has no kids and lives with his mother in law right now. They plan to move out in a month or two.
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    If the money is really not that important then I would go for the second job. It really sucks to have to go to a job that you hate every day.

    Both of those jobs are quite low paying, the minimum wage here in the UK is £5.50 per hour (about $11) and that doesn't go far. Out of interest, what is the US minimum wage?
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    some advice that was given to me when I was looking for a job out of collage.

    It is not always about the pay ut a total package and part of the package is how the work environment is and the atmosphere.

    I went to work for a company that yes we work hard but also the atmosphere is also laid back and we crack jokes and some times just shoot the breeze for a while.

    Personally I would choose the 2nd place because it seems like they care more about the employees.

    Also some one saying how you can make a living at 12 an hour. I might like to point out that 12 and hour 480 a week. with 10 hours a week of over time it would be 34k a year.

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